Saturday, September 10, 2005

Adventure of the ice cream lovers

University life is a wonderful experience. Hostel life? well... thats the best part of university life for me. Why? because I have the freedom to do as i please. I have the power to do live exactly as i like. But then again... as we all learn from spiderman movies... "with great power comes great responsibilty". Let me add something to this. "with great power comes great responsibilty, but no common sense!!!" What has this got to do with ice cream lovers you ask? Well, my story is about two ice cream freaks, who were living the independent hostel life and one fine day decided to go for grocery shopping only to find that it is not the easiest task in the world to be teenagers and to do proper grocery shopping.
It was a beautiful saturday evening, I boarded the bus with my friend, clueless (names changed to protect the identity of the two not-so-smart ice cream lovers, so they won't get embarrassed!). We reached the grocery store and were just looking around, trying to remember what we needed to buy (as you might remember, we were not-so-smart ice cream lovers, and so we didn't make a shopping list!). We moved towards the section where milk products were kept. After picking up the things we needed, we moved on to the bakery section. Our bad luck started here. The ice cream section was on the way. We first peeped into the freezeers to see what they had. Our eyes first fell on some very tasty looking yet expensive ice cream. We decided that we would not waste money on that. But then, our eyes fell on some relatively cheaper ice cream. What were we supposed to do? We were weak! We debated for a while whether or not we should take the ice cream. The outcome was obvious. Two chocolate ice cream freaks debating on whether or not to buy a 1.5 litre tub of cheap ice cream. We made our first blunder here. We took the ice cream then and there, instead of picking it up at the end of our grocery shopping. We put it in our cart and moved on without giving the ice cream a second thought.
We finished our grocery shopping and walked out of the store loaded. Clueless was carrying my backpack filled with grocery and we had four more carry bags filled with grocery (one of them containing the ice cream). Now we made our second mistake. We walked around the entire shopping area carrying the bag with the ice cream such that the tub was vertical (remember we are the "not-so-smart people"!) We had a few more items to purchase. We bought a pillow for clueless, some coat hangers and a water bottle. Now we were really loaded! a back pack full of grocery and each of us carrying atleast four or five heavy carrybags filled with stuff. Now comes the icky part.
We finally decide to stop shopping and go to the bus stop and get back to our rooms. We caught our bus and found a couple of vacant seats. I had the bag containing the ice cream tub on my lap. A few minutes into the journey, i had a funny feeling on my thigh. It felt as though something was trickling down. I tentatively peeped into the ice cream bag. And to my horror, i saw the tub was open and lots of sloppy melted chocolate ice cream had spilt all over the bag!


The milk carton and the apple juice carton that were there in that bag became chocolate coated. My friend and I were so completely unprepared for this disaster. We also found the situation funny in a way. I mean... imagine two girls sitting in a bus, with several carry bags resting on their laps and they're trying their best to hold all the bags with just the two hands they were born with. To top it all, the ice cream had spilt because the lid had come off. What followed was something I would call a weird comedy of errors!
While trying to balance all the carry bags and back pack on our lap, my friend and i frantically tried to close the tub properly. we would worry about the mess later. i had to put my hand in that icky plastic bag in a valiant attempt to close the tub. My had came out chocolate coated. I had failed my mission. My friends was having a hard time trying to remove some tissues from her bag to help me clean my hand (you see... she was balancing all those bags and had burst into a fit of laughter after seeing my hand and was trying to remove a tissue all the same time! poor girl...) We managed to make some temporary arrangements with the bags, so that my friend was carrying as many bags as she could, while i tried to just hold the ice cream bag horizontally. We got down at our stop (the other passengers must have had some good entertainment watching us!!! i however have reasons to strongly believe that one or two were disgusted...).
We had to catch another bus to get back to our hostel. While waiting at the bus stop, i managed to close the lid of the tub (we had lost a considerable amount of ice cream). My hand was all sticky. We didn't have any water for me to wash my hands with (the not-so-smart teenagers were too lazy to carry a bottle of water). So i had to be happy with just tissues. You can imagine in what i condition i was. we caught our bus back and went my room straight away.
The next one hour was spent in cleaning the chocolate coated milk carton and the juice carton and in cleaning the outer part of the ice cream tub. We finally put the ice cream into the freezer and cleared everything away with great relief.
You'd think that after all this happening to us poor teenagers, we would be able to enjoy the fruits of our hard labour. But that was never to happen. the ice cream that melted never froze again. Till today (one week later) it remains as chocolate paste. We tried eating some of it. It tasted like chocolate mousse rather than ice cream.
Now the not-so-smart teenagers have become "quite smart" teenagers thanks to this episode. Now we know the following
1. Never buy ice cream from a place far away from your freezer
2. Never put ice cream into your grocery cart first. If you want to buy it, do it at the end.
3. Never hold the ice cream tub in a vertical position. you will end up with chocolate mousse.
4. Never let the ice cream melt too much.
5. Always carry some water with you when you go for ice cream shopping. this is to be utilized for emergencies
6. Go straight home once you have paid the bill for the ice cream. DO NOT shop for pillows and bottles after purchasing the ice cream.
and finally, 7. If you are a none-the-wiser person even after reading this, develop a taste for chocolate mousse.
So this is how the adventure of the ice cream lovers concluded. Now i know how to shop for ice cream. I certainly hope that this post has been of some educational value to the other ice cream freaks. This experience has been the most hilarious lesson i ever learnt!!! Now i know

"with great dumb mistakes come great amount of common sense"!!! Take that spidey!!!


Clueless said...

aaaah-sum!!! plain hilarious!!! ur account is so much more detailed than mine and so much funnier!!! absolutely wonderful stuff..that incident will never fail to make me laugh!

anyways...nice work! keep blogging!

puttas said... is hilarious!!!reminded me of jeeves... he he as for the criticism u asked me for... watch out for the spellings... two spelling mistakes or typo errors... i dunno... on the whole a delightful read...
awesome cant say that enuf