Saturday, November 05, 2005

Manic Monday... But i love it!!!

Ah.. Monday Morning blues... any student studying under Life Sciences Department in NUS can relate to that! Once we get out of our rooms at 7:30 in the morning, we return only 12 hours later! Lecture from 8-10am, short break from 10-12am, lecture from 12-2pm, Practical from 2-6pm and another class from 6-7pm (phew!!!). This sounds worse when your weekend had been nice and relaxing!!!! I guess i also faced the popular "monday morning blues" at the beginning of the semester.. But now as the semester is coming to an end, and i look back at my mondays i ask myself... Did i really have monday morning blues??? Or do i have the blues now that i am facing the last working Monday of the semester??

Now i answer myself... I never had the blues back then... I used to love mondays inspite of the heavy schedule! Lets examine my typical Monday..

Lecture 8-10am:
Ok.. So this part was pretty boring... Organic Chemistry early in the morning with some of the most boring slides... The only fun part was sitting with Clueless and Cookie Monster and commenting on everything happening in the Lecture theatre and doing weird stuff like counting the number of lights in the Theatre!!

Break 10-12am
If the morning lecture was too boring, this break would be spent in the canteen, slowly sipping hot coffee with friends, trying to wake yourself up.. Or under desperate circumstances (in other words... MID TERM SEASON!) spend those two hours in the library.

Lecture 12-2pm:
Our Genetics lecture.... Not always boring.. Sometimes it is actually really interesting... but many times, we just manage to escape into "slumberland"!! Another characteristic feature of Genetics has something to do with the Theatre... It almost became a routine to shiver and freeze in the Theatre! Very often, three of us would end up at the Lecture theatre with just one jacket, then share the jacket in equal time intervals!!

Lunch 2-2:30pm:
Though our practical class was supposed to start at 2pm, our kind hearted lecturer made it 2:30pm so that we could gobble down some food. This lunch break is probably the only one where Clueless and I actually use spoons to eat, rather than forks!!! Because this is the only time when we are in a big hurry to finish our lunch as fast as possible! (spoons act as excellent shovels!!!)

Lab 2:30-5:30pm:
The most interesting and exciting lab of all! We got to extract DNA, culture bacterial cells, transform them, study fruit flies under a microscope and then when we are done with the flies, study our photos, hair, currency notes, coins and a gazillion other things, under the microscope, with much more interest than we had for the flies!!! (poor things)....

break 5:30-6pm:
This is normally spent with us making our way slowly back to the same old Genetics lecture theatre for the last class of the day.. Often the topic of discussion during this stroll is concentrated on that day's lab, then DINNER!!!!! (the most popular topic by the way..."dude! what's for dinner???!!!!")

Class 6-7pm:
Refer to lecture 12-2pm...

After all classes are over, we would eat at the canteen in the science faculty itself (if there is any food remaining) or come back to our hostel and go straight to the food court here.

This more or less describes our monday... Not very exciting....(except for the lab from 2-6pm.. I always loved that part the most!!!!) But somehow, this routine has grown to become a part of me.. just within a matter of 3 months! Now i can't imagine any other routine for my Mondays!!!

I am not exactly sure why i like Monday's schedule here at NUS... One theory that i can offer is that the Genetics Lab classes are always fun and exciting with me, clueless, Oreo cream and another friend of ours sitting at the same bench!! (poor lab instructor!!!)... But that can't be the only thing, can it?

Whatever the reason is... i know one thing for sure... You will never hear me sing "rainy days and mondays always get me down" or "manic monday" or anything else along those lines!!!! Monday Morning blues??? What does that mean!!! ;)


clueless said...

Meh!! Monday morning blues?? Nah! Organic Chem blues? Hell yeah!!

I will miss Mondays...heh! Ironic. I shall definitely NOT miss LH's booooring lecs. least he made a good mom!! :P

And if I were you, i wouldnt worry too much...i have a feeling we have four more years to go before we get rid of jam packed days!! :D

Macho Girl said...

I know that many more jam packed days are still there... waiting for us to come!! but i guess this particular schedule will remain a bit special since it took us by surprise on the very first day! Remember DNA extraction and the wanna-be forensic scientists???;)

oreo cream said...

hey macho girl :)
actually i the only part i like abt mondays besides the genetics lab is the great feeling we have at the end of the day having survived that loooong monday :D looking forward to many more days spent together, be they jam-packed or not ;)

Anonymous said...

Org. chem, boring? How can that be? Can't be!! Something is seriously wrong with these bunch of kids, I say!!! Less Lee and more org.chem is probably the answer to this boredom? Is anyone hearing me, especially you Lee? Why don't you make org.chem exciting.....Lee I am talking to you. Oh sorry you are Less lee and more boring, am I right. I am talking to the wrong person, it is my mistake, I am sorry