Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Oreo cream goes Indian!!!!

It was the day before Diwali... a Monday... a day when our schedule is filled to the brim.. but this monday was different!!! It was the day before Diwali most of our classes had been cancelled!!! only one lecture for the day early in the morning and we were done!!! We were free for the rest of the day!!! And i must say... Oreo Cream, Clueless, Cookie monster and I used our freedom to the max!!
It all started when we were having lunch. That night, Clueless, Cookie monster and I had to attend a special dinner organised by an Indian society on the occasion of Diwali. We wanted to take Oreo Cream along, but in an Indian dress!!! I don't know if this whole thing about Indian dress for Oreo cream started as a joke or not. But i know for sure that the suggestion of Oreo cream wearing a saree was made jokingly!!! We were all Indian girls who had worn sarees and had our own difficulties with them!!! We didn't think that Oreo Cream would agree to wear a saree.

We were in for a surprise...

Oreo cream said that she didn't mind wearing a saree!!! Clueless and I immediately rose to the occasion!!! Soon enough, Oreo cream found herself being taken to my room by two over excited girls. Cookie monster also loved the plan and came along to watch us dress Oreo cream up in a traditional Indian attire! The enitre process went through several trials to produce good results as listed below...

Trial 1:
e try tying the saree for her in a rough manner to check if we remembered how to tie one. The results were good.. we did remember and remembered pretty well!!! But mission Oreo Cream Makeover was not over!!!

Trial 2:
his time, we decided to make a very serious attempt. Oreo Cream looked so nice in our first rough trial, that we decided that something had to be done... seriously... So we dress her up as nicely as we can. Lots of improvisations were made as certain parts of the trial did not turn out well. We tried, tried and tried until we finally succeeded!!! The saree had been tied perfectly!!! Oreo Cream looked amazing in the saree!!! However, this trial had many sub-trials as we took a long time to decide every detail, including all the jewellery that we were going to use. We finally found the right neckalce, the right earrings and the right pair of shoes!!! It was a dream come true!!!!

Trial 3:
Now that all decisions had been made, Oreo Cream was getting ready to face the real thing... We were ready for it to begin. Clueless and I start again from the beginning. There would be no turning back! The mission was an even bigger success than before!!! Oreo Cream looked as though she was ready to walk on the ramp and stun several!! Clueless and I were ecstatic!!! We were so busy getting Oreo Cream ready for the evening, that we had forgotten to get ready ourselves!! but that didn't seem to matter anymore! Oreo Cream was more important!!


The results were amazing!! Oreo Cream was so natural in the saree!! I envied her!!! I used to be so clumsy whenever i wore a saree and used to trip over it a million times!! But Oreo Cream walked around as though she had worn the saree all her life!!! She didn't seem to be all that uncomfortable in it!!! We were stunned!!!

The evening was wonderful. We had a good time at the function. People were so surprised to see Oreo Cream in a saree!! She was more Indian than the rest of the Indian girls in so many respects!!!

Oreo Cream was a real sport to agree on wearing the saree. I know that anyone else in her place would have backed off. But she did not. I guess the best part of that monday was not the special dinner, but the time that the three of us spent getting ready for the dinner!!! Those moments were more special than the dinner... and shall always remain in my memory.. Thanks Oreo Cream, for being so sportive!!! You made our evening special!! :)


clueless said...

aaah! i bet i said this a million times over that monday...but Oreo Cream...

U looked ROCKIN'!!!

i dont think i've ever looked so indian in my life, and damn it, i was born there!!

Oreo Cream, u left the girls gaping and the guys drooling...i've rarely seen a saree carried off to such perfection...

macho girl..had a GRRRRREAT time getting to know the girly side of u...get her out more often, i like her!! :D

all in all...a day well spent...aah, i love my india..:D

puttas said...

Oh Yes u did!!! It was awesome to see u in a saree... and it was even more exciting to see macho girl as her angel twin... Oreo cream u were looking stunning... and as macho girl said more indian than so many... we should do this more often... wotsay!!!

Macho Girl said...

we can keep saying it again and again!! Oreo cream was "rockin" in a saree!!! even i doubt if i have looked that indian!!! as for macho girl's girly side... well.... we will see abt that!! don't get too comfortable with her girly side yet!!!

We should do this more often!!! i am glad u liked the saree and the way oreo cream carried it off!!! Hats off to Oreo cream!!!

puttas said...

Hey btw i love ur new page!!!

oreo cream said...

awww.... u gals are so sweet! all i had to do was stand there and clueless and machogirl did all the work! i had a great time experiencing how diwali is celebrated by the NUS indians :D thank u for everything gals!

Macho Girl said...

#Oreo Cream
Hey!! no problem!!! we had lots of fun because u came!!! now i can't imagine Diwali at NUS without u!!! i had a gr8 Diwali with u!!

Sayesha said...

Oreo Cream looks absolutely fabulous!

When I wear a saree, I walk like a penguin in a kimono. Next time, I gotta get you gals to help me, man! :)

Macho Girl said...

Of course we will help!!! when clueless and i get together, we can pull off anything, especially with matters related to sarees ;) even i had problems walking in sarees, but now, i have gotten used to them. its pretty easy u know!!

Sayesha said...

Thanks, galz!

Hope I can pull it off. Without literally pulling it off... ahem! :O

Fafs said...

Man.... oreo cream really looked so stunning and pretty.. she carried herself so elegantly .... It was stunning. but the best part i guess was getting her dressed... that would have been fun.. wihs i ahd also been there.. call me next time for such occasions....