Monday, January 09, 2006

Cleaning rooms!

When I was back home in India, my room was a typical teenager's room.... MESSY. Well... after I started staying in hostel, I still kept my room messy in the first semester. My parents used to constantly ask me to clean my room when I was in India. But there was nobody here to tell me to do that! So ultimately, the inevitable happened.... my room used to get cleaned by me only when it became impossible to live in it... only when it was so messy that I didn't have any more free space to make a mess! :P

But this semester has started in a different tone... Thanks to cookie monster! What a cleaning marathon we had for the weekend! *phew*!!!

We checked into our hostel on saturday. Me in the morning and cookie in the afternoon. We were shocked at the state of our rooms. Apparently someone had used cookie's room over the vacation. Mine had not been used... but the amount of dust collected was phenomenal. We decided then and there.... these rooms need to be cleaned... big time!

Saturday afternoon passed on in attending to other things like getting the luggage we left behind. After dinner, we proceeded straight to the shop to get some cleaning fluid to clean our rooms. We found what we were looking for. We bought a huge 2 litre bottle of that and 8 rolls of tissue! This was meant to last us for the entire semester's cleaning of our rooms I guess.

Anyways.. back to our rooms. We decided not to do the cleaning individually, but to team up and tackle our rooms one by one. The reasons... cleaning alone is a boring job and I don't know the first thing about cleaning rooms! :"> I had lots to learn... so off we went... to cookie's room. More than an hour of scrubbing followed. All the shelves and cabinets in her room were dusted, scrubbed once with water and once with the cleaning fluid till they sparkled! Then we tackled my room and by midnight, both our rooms had clean shelves and cabinets to store our things.. Now the floor was remaining (the worst part probably!). But the floor had to wait till morning. We spent a whole day moving our stuff about and cleaning our rooms. That too after a long and tiring flight the previous night. We needed sleep. Desperately.

Sunday morning arrives. The two tired cleaners who had originally planned to resume work after waking up at 8am, woke up only at 10am. Then we worked individually in our rooms, unpacking things (in cookie's case... in my case it was "trying" to unpack! yeah I know... I have lots to learn! But I finally managed to nail the job! With some help of course :">). We met up in my room and started tackling the floor... Job 1: remove everything from my room. We kept all my suitcases outside my room to clear up the floor. Then swept the room once. Not enough. Still some dust left on the floor. So the room gets a second helping from the broom. Following the sweeping, was mopping. We used the cleaning fluid we got, dissolved the concentrate in a pail of water and start mopping. I started mopping one side of the room, while cookie monster started on the other side. This job was easy and soon my room was sparkling clean! I made my resolution! I am going to try to keep my room as clean as possible (hmm... lets see how long this resolution lasts!)

After all the hard work in my room, we had a nice and relaxing lunch break in the air-conditioned TV room. We just sat on the comfortable couches and watched some chinese show while slowly enjoying the lunch. (and in case you are wondering about the chinese show... no.. we didn't understand a thing).

After an hour's break, its back to work in cookie monster's room. The same procedure that was applied in my room worked out fine in this room also. By late afternoon, two sparkling clean and tidy rooms are ready! What a cleaning marathon it was for us! I thought those rooms would never get cleaned! Stubborn dust is hell! Thats another lesson I learnt.

My mom and dad must be very proud of their little girl, all grown up and cleaning her room in the truest sense of "cleaning"! Perhaps this cleaning part was the easy thing for me... now comes the difficult part... maintaining it! Well... I better try my best ;)


Clueless said... cute to see u all excited about clean rooms!! thankfully, my room wasnt as dirty as urs i could just dump everything in!! now i need to find some time and energy to unpack and get everything in its proper place! :)

nice resolution u've made there...lets see how long u last against the evil temptations of messiness!! :D

bharathy said...

hmmm.interesting ,that was a nice way to write ur first blog of the year with the subject of the blog being something very responsible.hope u keep up the spirit and won't have to indulge urself in a "cleaning marathon" next time:D

AnN@ said...

i juz mopped my floor this morning so now my room is totally clean too!!! :D i bought air freshner too so my room smells good too ;) i don't cleaning but i'd rather stay in a clean room than a dirty room so cleaning must be done haha.

AnN@ said...

oops! i meant i don't like cleaning :p

Macho Girl said...

long time no see!!! there u r finally! :)

It feels nice to mop the whole room. but now the laziness is oredi setting in. my room is getting back to its original state! Maybe i'll clean it on friday or the weekend or something. need to find time first!

heaven forbid! another cleaning marathon??? phew!!! well... its not bad when u r doing it with ur frnds coz u have some company and some help. But i am going to try my best to keep my room clean. eventually!

Maybe i need a room freshner too..... hmm... too bad cleaning is unavoidable. they shud invent something which eliminates the need to clean rooms... just for lazy ppl like me!