Friday, January 20, 2006

Smile! Its your favourite song!

I have an incredibly huge list of songs that I love from the very bottom of my heart. There are different classes in that huge list though. I can't exactly explain why I find so many different classes in it. I just know there is this one particular class that I love beyond anything else. Because those songs are special in some strange way. I don't understand how those songs just weave a magical sense of happiness or comfort around me. Some songs in a way behave like friends. They know just the right things to say and make you feel better.

One such song, which is among the top 5 in my list is "Smile" by Michael Jackson. I have no idea what is about that song that captures me. It might be a combination of amazing lyrics with the most beautiful tune. I discovered that at times when I felt there was something on my mind that was troubling me, this song used to just make me feel so much lighter. I used to cry a bit while listening to this song. But it never failed to make me feel better and try to work my way around whatever it was that was troubled me. I was so glad that my dad bought that CD. That song made a huge difference to me for some strange reason.

Nothing in this world is permanent. Same rule applies to CDs. And unfortunately, this particular CD started detoriating and soon started giving problems. It has 15 songs totally and the 15th song is "smile". And it was that very song which used to skip and get stuck towards the end of the CD. I got really annoyed and sad at the same time. That song used to make me feel great whenever I was down. Amazingly, it had become almost like a friend to me. Now it was not working properly.

That happened a few years back. Since then, I listened to that song only in emergency situations. I probably listened to that song only twice or thrice a year. And each time it used to get stuck. I never listened to the entire song without some interruption or the other.

Recently, I learnt that songs could be saved from a CD to a computer. And today, when I was just going through my CD collection in my room, I came across this Michael Jackson CD which I hadn't heard in a long time. Its been a year since I last listened to "smile". I decided to give it a shot and try saving only that song to see if it skipped and stalled even when saved on to my computer. I saved the track, played it and waited with bated breath. And to my greatest surprise and joy, it did not skip even once! After God only knows how many years I was able to listen to the entire song without any interruption!

Even though I have become less dependent on that song to handle my emotions, listening to the entire song was like getting an old, long lost friend back.

Songs like this make me wonder.... why does music make such a big impact in some of our lives? Why is it that listening to certain songs can change your mood instantly? Hmmm.... there must be some explanation to that... Do you have a special song that comforts you when you are down and depressed?

Anyway.. as far as the explanation is concerned, I am sure I'll find out sooner or later. Even if I never find out, I don't care. That song is working again and I couldn't be happier. I have been listening to that song in a loop for a long time now! And I just can't stop grinning :D :D:D:D

Long live music! Especially music that touches the heart and soul. :)


Clueless said...

i have soooooooooo many songs that bring a smile to my face everytime i hear them!! i can't even begin to list them...there are so many!!

funnily enough, i was also thinking of a post on a particular song, but u beat me to it!! :P

and ironically, one of my own MJ favourites is 'Cry'. I'll listen to Cry and u listen to Smile, and everything in the world will sort itself out!! Now, isnt that a cheerful thought?? :D

AnN@ said...

I'm really glad you managed to get that song on your laptop :) Yup, music can do many wonderful things. Even music without lyrics can move you. This reminds me of the tv advertisements for Lush 99.5 FM (if I'm not mistaken). There's one where a lady goes swimming in the sea at dusk and they play the Jaws theme to make it seem like she's going to be attacked by sharks. Suddenly the music changes and it's just like another regular dip in the sea. The other add is the one with the lady showering and they use the same technique of changing the music. Really cool ads!

Macho Girl said...

Quite a cheerful thought! 'Cry' is also a gr8 song by MJ. Good musician he is... too bad there are so many trials. Anyways. Its the music that matters.

Abt the other post... why don't you just go ahead and write it????????? So what if we thought of the same thing? this is not a race my dear.... write the post!

Talking about music without lyrics... i have quite a few like that too. and some ads also become popular and nice to watch coz of the music! take the new Desperate Housewives ad as an example! Why do I like it? its not only made nicely to watch, but the background music is just so catchy! Juicy!!! ;)

Mom said...

Nice blog. Usually a nice catchy tune gets our attention and we like to listen to it. But I think it also has to do with the lyrics to get involved in that song so much. Many times when we are sad (sometimes we do not even know why we feel down or sad), it is not possible to explain to a friend or family member, but I guess a song can relate to our feelings and cheer us up.

Macho Girl said...

hmm.. yeah.. i know.. what u said is right.. sometimes i surprise myself by the songs that i select sub-consciously when depending on my mood! the lyrics seem to describe exactly how i feel!

Clueless said...

Muahahahahahaha!!! :D