Friday, March 10, 2006

Why don't they last?

Imagine an object moving along a surface.... a smooth object moving over a surface. The surface texture is not even. In some places, it is really really rough and gives the object plenty of friction. The object moves slowly and might even need some external force to keep it moving. In some places, the surface is really smooth and lets the object move along quite fast. Friction is low.

Don't you think relationships are like that?

Sometimes, all is well... you could hope for nothing better. Everything is going on just as you wanted it to go. Things are smooth. Time seems to fly by and such experiences become a thing of the past before you know it.

Sometimes... things don't go on that well, there are fights and arguments. Lots of emotions and feelings are involved. Probably a pinch of anger and ego are present to. These rough times just seem to drag on and on don't they? Just like the object struggling along a rough surface. They might even scratch the surface of the object and leave permanent marks, which remind us of all the sadness, pain and anger everytime we look at them.

Why can't the surface be smooth all along? Why does there have to be friction? Even if there is friction, why does it leave such dents and scratches which take a long time to fade? Why doesn't the surface remain smooth? Why don't the good times go on forever and ever.

I know what you are thinking as you read this post. You are either thinking that this girl has gone completely loco, or that this girl has a point. You are also probably thinking that life is not only about the good times. The bad times are equally important. Thats what life is all about right? Ups and downs, highs and lows, laughter and tears etc. I know the rough surfaces are unavoidable and form an intergral part of life. However, the one thought that scares me is....

What if things get so scratched and dented, that they become unrecognisable? What if the damage is beyond repair? What if the object can't be replaced? What if the friction is so high that no force, external or internal, can set things moving again?

What if a relationship that means a lot to me gets messed up because of all the friction we can't avoid? What if the smooth sailing (with just a few turbulences) becomes a thing of the past?

What if I lose someone precious? Will I be strong enough to accept that?


AnN@ said...

I do believe all the highs and lows are part of life and that overcoming the lows will only make you stronger and make the highs all the more precious. You can never tell now how you are going to react if such a situation happens but life still goes on. Even if you do lose someone precious, all your other friends and family will be there to support you ;)

mom said...

Beautiful blog. Your blogs always show the way you analyze life. Keep it up. Yes the good and bad times, highs and lows are integral part of life, and that is what makes life beautiful. The lows, the frictions give us a chance to look at us and think why did we get into this situation? Best way out is to think how can we make the situation better, by letting go of our ego and forgiving if the other person is really at fault? You know in life it is more or less possible to control a situation. It is upto us and no one else. There are times we get angry at someone or other person gets angry, not because we are really angry at that person, but because we are upset about something else. We have to understand this and when the other person gets angry, try to keep our cool as much as possible and let the situation pass away. It is easily said than done, but it is possible. If we let go of our ego and if the person is very important to us, we will not worry about these situations and care for that person no matter what. So you need not worry about losing anyone. It is up to you not to lose someone, only in your hands. Moreover I think real purpose of life is to learn how to handle this situations and comeout successfully without getting hurt or hurting anyone than to be successful academically or materialistically. About the mind being dented and scratched, it usually recovers with time. Time is the best medicine. Moreover all of us are very strong and will handle any situation however difficult it may be.

OuTlaW said...

hey girl..
beautiful post. yeah its tough.. been through it twice.. and yes u recover, its crazy while it lasts but it does! time i guess is the best healer

Macho Girl said...

I guess thats the beauty of life. You never know whats gonna happen next! :)

Thanks :) Your advice taught me something new to believe in and follow... as it always has all these years :)

Rough times are like going to the gym eh? we get out of it as stronger ppl :)