Sunday, April 30, 2006

Freedom at last!

Yeah.. you guessed right... My exams got over yesterday. And I have two things to say...




The past month has been incredible. I have never worked so hard (or so sincerely :P) in my life!!! Its been a month filled with me cursing my alarm each morning, getting up when my eyes were hardly able to open and forcing myself to study without falling asleep or turning on the computer. Its been a month filled with frequent take-aways from the canteen, eating with notes in one hand and the spoon in the other, and sleeping late. A month full of crazy schedules! Check them out!

This is what I put up on my notice board in my room. Whatever is not crossed out towards the end of the schedule are the ones that I finished, but didnt have time to cross 'em out! I was soo busy with three exams in a row that I didnt have the time and energy to cross out stuff from the list!! :O

This is just a close up picture of one of the lists. I shudder now to think that I actually studied so much!

Don't even ask how the exams went on. Some of them were quite ok. One was BAD. Actually, it was worse than bad. But anyways.. thats past....

NOW I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! AND STILL FIND THAT HARD TO BELIEVE! THREE MONTHS OF FREEDOM!!!! YAY!! *hops all around the room and does a funny dance*

Yesterday after our exam got over, Clueless and I went straight to the TV room and plonked on the nice soft sofas. We entered the TV room at 4pm and left at 2am! What else can two tired girls do after they finish their last exam after more than a week of struggling and doing stuff they never wanted??!! We watched two movies and a few other shows. You want more proof that we relished every minute of joblessness? Lemme name 2 programs that we watched. News and Election Campaign of Singapore. We actually sat and listened to the representatives from each party list out their agendas!!! And we are upto date with Singapore's local news! And here's the best part.. we didnt find them one bit boring! It was fun :)

Today morning was the best. No alarm ringing. After God only knows how long, I slept not till my alarm rang, but till my eyes opened and I no longer could sleep. I didnt have to force my eyes open and drag myself to start studying. I woke up at 12 noon and got outta bed only at 12:30pm! Thats like... WOW!!! After a nice long shower and plenty of lazing around, clueless and I had a long lunch at McDonald's which probably lasted for more than an hour. Though both of us had ordered large coke each, I seemed to have gotten extra large.. And my meal was 10 cents cheaper!!! Muahahahaha! (well... her burger was bigger and I think she got more fries than me.. anyway.. she isn't much of a coke addict like me, so couldn't gloat! :P) We slowly walked back to our hostel and got back to our rooms.

And now... I AM FREE TO SPEND AS MUCH TIME AS I WANT SURFING THE NET! And I can blog as much as i want! I have lots of stuff in mind and I shall keep dishing out posts till I run outta ideas (which might be the end of this week :P!) And I can watch dozens of movies and lots of TV with my friends. No more take-aways and plastic spoons! Now I shall get down to lazing around. Before that, there is one thing I wanna say....

Long live summer holidays! :)


Clueless said...

Ok, I'm only gonna say one thing and then I'm off to do my own bumming around. :P

Yessssssssssssssssss!!! *does equally crazy and funny dance*

:D :D :D

soleil said...

yay!!! cant believe those crazy mugging days are over for this sem :D and you can finally indulge in coke!!!!!!

Macho Girl said...


yay! mugging is over! No more kitchen for us! We can spend our days in the TV room! :D

//and you can finally indulge in coke!!!!!!
Clueless, are you reading this???????????

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

WOW! Lucky you! I'm still waiting for the bloody May to end...June will be fun! :D
Enjoy your vacations! Go wild! :D

Macho Girl said...

We also went thru that phase of writing exams after boards. But college is lotsa fun, so it shud more than make up for all the toture u r going thru :)

OuTlaW said...

good for u.. happy holidays!! my exams are next week. its slog time for me.. waaah!


Macho girl,

Very natural post indeed.

This is my first visit to you blog. Found that u r very methodical as far as studies are concerned and plan out jobs. They say planning is like hal the job done. U can become a great manager.

About Mc Donalds, that was a great lunch, it seems. So you are a coke addict. In India Coke/Pepsi is used for different purposes other than drinking. That is a different story and will tell u later.


Macho Girl said...

Good luck with your exams :)

Welcome to my blog!
//U can become a great manager.
Thats wat a few others told me... But i love science and cant get enuf of it.. thats why i am here doing what i like the best :)

//In India Coke/Pepsi is used for different purposes other than drinking.
Still wondering what u meant by that.. I'm pretty confused.



//Thats wat a few others told me... But i love science and cant get enuf of it.. thats why i am here doing what i like the best :)

Yes its "Very Good" that you like Science, Good Luck to you, but even there must be some Managers in your Scientific Research to manage a team of 10 or so. Hence you can be a good manager managing the team, in carrying out research.

//Still wondering what u meant by that.. I'm pretty confused.

Actually Coke/Pepsi made in India contains so much strong chemicals that you can clean a wash basin or china clay items with it. Many TV Channels have telecasted their research on it.

Just some days ago some one found a half burnt cigarette inside a sealed bottle of a cold drink. So imagine how mean these manufacturers can get with beverages.

Im sure and confident that things are much better in S-pore and after all S-pore is S-pore and not India.