Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pillars of strength

"Nothing evolves in isolation"

Thats what my father always told me. And the beauty of this one line, is that it can be applied almost anywhere at anytime. This post is one particular area, quite a popular area actually, where this line is applicable. And for those who have been reading my blog right from the start, I know you must have guessed by now where this post is headed. I am indeed talking about emotions. I am talking about how emotionally dependent we are at times. But this time, its different. I am not looking at the "weakness" aspect of it. I am looking at the other side. I am talking about the people who remain the pillars of strength when you find that your emotions are not co-operating with your intellectual side.

Who are these pillars of strength? Well, I guess the answer to that is basically anyone who truly cares about you. Anybody who loves you and cares about your happiness is very likely to be you pillar of strength I guess. They are the ones who seem very solid and unbreakable, they provide the firm support you need when you think that your world is falling apart.

Most of the time, the very first pillars of strength in our life are our parents. After all, they are the ones who watched you grow from the day you were born and stumble across difficulties along the way. They know what lessons came to you the easy way, and what came the hard way. They are always there for you and know just what has to be done to show you a path when you feel like there is nowhere to run.

Are parents our only pillars of strength? I don't think so. Some of your closest friends who really care about you can also be your pillars of strength. They are also there for you when you need them. Somehow, even though they have been with you only for a matter of a few months or years, they seem to know exactly whats bothering you and what you need. They can relate to your problems in a way that they manage to help you find the solution. I know my friends have.

Sometimes, in our blind emotional rage, we say stuff that really hit our pillars of strength with full force, with the objective of battering them. They do get hurt, believe me, I know that I have hurt those who tried to support me when I was down. But these are the people who never let go of you. Even though they are terribly hurt by the things that you say or do, they stick with you and help you get through the rough times. They care too much about you to let stuff like this matter.

But what happens when one of the pillars of strength in your life seems a bit shaky? You always thought they were unbreakable. What happens when you pillar is facing some problem in life or is affected by something that happened? What happens when that person on whose shoulder you always leaned on breaks down because of something that has happened? Time and time again I have learnt the answers to these questions. Your own world seems to shake. After all, these people are the pillars that hold your world up. You thought they had the inner strength which rivaled hercules's physical strength. Nothing looks the same when they are shaken up. I wonder if they ever realize that along with their world, the world of the one whom they always supported, is also falling apart...

Whats to be done in such a situation? The most obvious answer is the correct one. You try to become a pillar of strength for your loved one. You might have been weak in the past. You know you will have your weak moments in the future. But now, you need to be strong. Remember? When you were sad, it always felt good to see someone a little stronger than you helping you out of your sorrow? Now its your turn to be stronger. Seeing you crumble is not going to do your loved one any good. You gotta learn to be there, as a strong pillar of strength for someone who has been yours for so long.

So here's the message of this post.. which goes out to my pillars of strength. I will learn to be strong like you and be your support. I just want you to know that I'll be there for you whenever you need me... So when you need someone, don't think twice. Just call me... I will be there by your side at the speed of light... And I'd do that for you, only because I care about you... just the way you care about me...

This bit of the post has nothing to do with what you've read so far. Its just a little acknowledgement to my 50th post. I know its no big deal to publish the 50th post for many. I am not a regular blogger and thats why it took me so long to reach 50. But looking back, I realize what this blog has done for me. It has, in a way, been my pillar of strength. Half the posts that I published were all to let out my thoughts and feelings which I just couldn't hold back. Everytime I published a post like that, the relief I felt was one of the best feelings ever. I just want to thank the person who inspired me to create this blog. I can't imagine what life would have been without this blog. I can't imagine what life would have been without you. You've been my pillar of strength in more than one way... in real life and through this blog... Thanks dude! You rock! :)


double head said...

congrats on your 50th blog, it is a big deal considering that you had been so busy with your studies. Just like "nothing lasts forever", one should understand that "difficult times also do not last forever". Friends and families are meant to be pillars of strength at difficult times. SO naturally good times will also be spent with them, that is why they are called good times, uh? As usual nice blog. keep it up

Clueless said...

Congratulations on the 50th post! :)

And *sniff*, the post made me all emotional. Such a sweet message, and such a super-cute dedication. Awww :)

And yeah, we've all gotta be each other's pillar of strength. That's what friends are for, right? To help you out, to share the good times and the bad. And we'll always do that. Its what makes some friendships more special than others. :)

OuTlaW said...

appu.. congrats on ur 50th post.. it was a gr8 post.. u hit the nail on the head. i guess once u start caring for a person. ur with them through thick and thing and anythin that happens to u its them and vice versa.. life is abt ups and downs and its always comfortin to have someone with u thru it all!

Macho Girl said...

#double head
thanks :)

it was bound to happen!! To who else cud i have dedicated this post?!! I owe a lot to the person who inspired me to create AND maintain this blog coz that person has given me 2 places to find comfort when discomfort swells. One place is with the person herself and the other in this blog :) Makes sense doesn't it?

You bet some friendships are more special than the others. Coz we'll always be there for each other, come what may :)

yeah.. caring about a person is a tedious job :P jus' kiddin'! Sharing the good times and the bad is what makes me stronger each day. Its because there is always someone to share all the happiness and sorrow with. I might crib about lots of things in life, but this is one thing I thank God for.. Giving me people to care abt and who care abt me :)

soleil said...

Wow! 50th post already! I'm only on my second post haha. yup, that's what friends are for. everyone has strong and weak moments. It really makes a difference when someone is there for you during your weak moments and better still, to share the happy times!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Wow...congrats on your 50th post! Waiting for the 500th now. ;)
And this was such a great post! Yeah, we do have our pillar of strength who always stand by us, no matter what. Guess that's what gives some meaning to life...caring for those who care for you. :)

Macho Girl said...

haha. u just started ur blog! Give it some time :)
Cudn't imagine what life wud be without those special people who share special moments with u... Maybe thats why we consider ourselves "superiorly evolved"! In reality, we are much nicer people than sharks and lampreys! (ok ok.. I know I have been studying too much for biodiversity exam!)

#The girl
Thanks! :)
Um.. u might end up graduating before my 500th post if i go on at this rate... dontcha think??? ;)

And yeah.. its people who become our pillars of strength who give some meaning to life.. looks like going to the mountains in search of the "meaning" of life isn't really necessary... Or even in fact, searching for ourselves.. More often than not, we see our true images reflected in their eyes, and that tells us who we really are... Atleast thats been the case for me... I have found so many flaws in myself thru these people... Unfortunately, these flaws stand out against the background only when i do something incredibly stupid and hurt 'em people who care abt me...

Wow! your one comment has lead me into a chain of thoughts! Either I am a genius, or i have been studying too much for exams and I am losing it! :P