Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Up, up and away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One week....

One entire week...

Actually, its slightly more than a week....

How am I going to manage it?

Wondering what I am talking about? I am talking about a little trip that I am going to make. Its time for Macho Girl's annual visit to her grandparents village! :) I love these trips! I get to see my grandparents I am pampered to the max over there! I have an amazing time whenever I go there.

Ok... now you are probably wondering whats the connection between the previous paragraph and the opening lines... Well... I just recently realized something. I have changed quite a bit. I mean, it used to be quite easy to change from a typical city girl to a sorta village girl. Now... I am wondering... I have become too dependent on technology... I am now addicted to my computer, my CD collection, the TV... CABLE TV mind you! And I am addicted to various other stuff. Now I am going to a typical village. There are going to be frequent power cuts, lots and lots of rain (its monsoon time. I love rain... believe me,I do! Its just that... i am not quite sure how the village roads will survive all that rain. Its gonna be real slushy!). There is no internet over there. What the heck. There is no computer there. There is TV and there is cable... But no english channels! Most of them are marathi channels and there are a few hindi channels! And I don't follow marathi that well! (yeah yeah i know... I am ashamed of myself... i am pretty much ashamed that I don't know my own mother tongue... But stop laughing! I will learn it!!! Someday I will!!!!)

I am wondering how the heck did i change so much?! I used to be fine without the computer and without internet before! Not checking mail for weeks together never bothered me. But now... things are not the same... What has technology done to me????!!!!! :O *sob*

But I know there is hope... even for hopeless cases like me. I know I am going to have loads of fun there trying to be a typical village girl. I always have! And I am looking forward to that. I better learn to curb my addictions! Its time for me to get addicted to life without computers, emails, blogs (*gasp*) and games. But you know what? There is a part of me thats looking forward to this one week of total freedom. Its gonna be a week where my day's schedule doesn't depend on TV programs and driving classes and violin classes. Its gonna be a week where nobody can reach me unless I have given them my phone number. It gonna be a week where my day's schedule will be decided by my moods and my moods alone! :)

So here I am, ready to leave the city girl behind! I won't be around for more than a week. I am taking my camera with me and promise to write many posts about my trip and post loads of pictures! Coz I have always thought these trips to my village were extremely interesting. Now I can finally blog about them properly with pictures! I don't think my posts about the village will make much sense without the pictures. So hang in there! Don't give up on me!

ok.. now its time for me to fly...

Macho Girl dons her cape and takes off...

Up, up and away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bharathy said...

yay! am excited abt ur trip! excuse my outburst !!
well i wud get to read abt it and view a cool collection (last time u updated travel photos on ur blog ,they were really good ,so i hope this would be too :-) )of photos and so enjoy it without even accompanying u (am already getting images of rain and getting muddy myself ,guess i need a break from chennai he he ).Have a gr8 trip ,i know there would be lot of rains but still every travel is total fun and gr8 experience on the whole !

Clueless said...

Haha, I was actually thinking of using 'Up, up and away' for my flights post, but then decided against it! Someone is quickly becoming a Superman fan! ;)

Here's hoping you have loads of fun at the village and get loads of topics to blog about when you come back. And enjoy your time away from technology cuz when you come back, you'll have a hell of a lot to catch up with! ;)

Gonna miss you loads *sniff*, but will try and survive without you.

"I'm here without you, baby
But you're still on my lonely mind!" :P

Ok, before everybody starts thinking I'm a love-sick girlfriend or something, I'll sign off. Happy holidaying! :)

soleil said...

Unlike Clueless, I can't say I'll miss you cos I already do! Haha. So, all I can say is, Have loadsa fun :D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Haha, that's cool!!! Don't forget to take loads and loads of pics!!! And have fun! :D :D :D

sowparnika said...

hey read my new blog ya...
hmmm..hope you comprehend the conversations over there....

OuTlaW said...

heey macho girl
cool. have a great holiday! adn tel me how the de addiction to techology went! i need it too!! real bad! and here my grand mum wants me to teach her to send mails! i told her shes better off not being addicted!

soleil said...

Its been more than a week! Come back soon! :)

Confused Soul said...

I can't live without checking my mails atleast (*atleast*) twice a day!! So don't worry, u have company..!!And driving...I'm getting my license on the 19thh...yay!! Suk should be coming arnd the 24th - that weekend.. :D

Macho Girl said...

ME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D And me happy to see so many people remembered me! Its been a fun week for me. But i did cheat a bit though... I managed to sneak into an internet cafe when we visited the city to check my mails and saw your comments! But unfortunately, I couldn't open my blog page there so cud not reply... Anyways... here I am! Now to the replying part! :D

I took lots of photos. But ya know what? There was absolutely no rain when I went there! It was raining before I reached, but after i reached, it was sunny skies for a whole week. Then i heard from my grandparents that it started raining as soon as I left. is that luck or is that luck! :P

Yeah... I am turning into a superman fan... *sigh* what to do?! When I have a friend who is a big fan?!

And I missed you too! "I was there without you baby!" Hehe... I wonder if anyone here knows the long story behind this song! Maybe we shud blog about it :P

I am back! And I had loads of fun too! Watch out for the pics in my next post! :)

I got loads of pics! So watch out for a long post filled with pics :D

Read your blog :)

The addiction thingy went on ok... as i said before, I couldnt resist chking my mail when we briefly went to the city to buy vegies :">

#confused girl
U getting ur license so soon??!!! *sob* me have to wait for some more time though I have become an expert in driving now!