Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy National Day, Singapore!

Watching fireworks on National Day has its own charm. Thats what confused girl said. We were told that there would be fireworks on 4 other days. But we all wanted to watch the show on national day. But there was a point of time when I thought things weren't gonna work out. That was when bubble burster lived up to her name and told me that we couldn't go to watch the fireworks because there was some dance class in the evening. Damn! And to top it all, clueless ran away somewhere for lunch and I wasn't even sure when she would be back. I was preparing myself for a boring and lonely national day evening.

Then all of a sudden, everything changed! Bubble burster left me a message saying dance class was cancelled and that we could go out. I immediately told clueless to come back so we could have a fun filled evening and she was also thrilled about the plans. Finally! Everything was falling into place!

So we all started getting ready. We heard that the fireworks were supposed to start at around 8pm. The plan was to leave by 6:30pm, roam around city hall and then go to the esplanade. We were told that the fireworks would be visible from there. Just as I got ready in a nice reddish pink t-shirt, clueless calls me and tells me about this dress code we were supposed to follow. All of us were supposed to wear t-shirts which had red and white in them. Imagine, 4 girls going to the esplanade on national day, dressed in the colours of Singapore flag!!! That was fun!!!

We caught a cab, because we thought that we were getting late and would miss all the fun. It turned out that we landed up there pretty early. Plus we learnt an important lesson. When you want to go to city hall with 3 other friends of yours, take a cab. Its cheaper than public transport and is much faster! (and much more scenic than the MRT! :P) That was one amazing taxi ride where we even made a list of all the things we wanted to do before we left Singapore (quite a long and interesting list... it included ice tea and a cocktail in some big fancy place, ice skating, a visit to ECP, watching a play at the esplande etc... maybe one of us will blog about the list sometime)

We finally reached city hall, then what happened after that has to be described with the help of pictures. So here are a bunch of pictures taken by confused girl and me. Hope you like 'em!

The esplanade!!! No no... none of us took a helicopter ride to take this picture. Confused girl managed to confuse you guys by taking a photo of a photo!! Good work girl!!!!

Its Singapore National Day lah! How else did you expect the floor to be? :) Pretty, huh? :D
An amazing chandelier that we saw. It kept changing colours. The other colours didn't look that great in photograph, so we took only this colour.
Another picture of the same thing. One taken from my camera and another from confused girl's camera.

Skyscrapers! The new skyline of Singapore!
If you look closely enough, you can see the old skyline of Singapore. Look at the difference between the two skylines!!! Amazing huh?

The Fullerton hotel!!! Some day, I hope I will be able to afford a room there... you know.. just for that 5 star hotel experience... by the banks of Singapore river...
This picture was taken when the fireworks started. Its kinda shaky, butI posted this because you can see how many people were trying to take pictures of the show!! All the shaky blue lines in the picture are from people's cameras!!
The fireworks start!! And the building is in the way! :( :( We saw only a small bit of the fireworks. But whatever we did see was spectacular. Maybe we didn't get our money's worth in that aspect. But it was a fun evening. I enjoyed every moment of it :)
More fireworks!
Some more fireworks! (yeah I know, most of the pics are shaky. I am not too good at handling the camera in night mode. Need to learn)

Doesn't it look like that building is on fire or has been bombed?! Run for you lives people!
The moon.... I think it was a full moon night. And very soon, confused girl, clueless and I became quite obsessed with it. We took loads of picutes of the moon, searching for that perfect shot. Didn't quite get what we wanted. But close enough :) Quite a coincidence huh? August 9th had a full moon! It was spectacular to watch the moon's sparkling reflection in the river... It was like diamonds sparkling... we decided not to take any pictures of that because some memories are meant to be stored in our hearts, not on the memory card of a camera :)

Once again, ladies and gentlemen.... THE MOON!
Yeah yeah... you know what that is... the moon... :D
So which one do you think was the best shot? :)
Whats a trip to the esplanade without taking a picture of the merlion?! :)
The merlion and the moon. Classy shot, confused girl! I love it! But as I said before, human eye is the best camera. Remember how beautiful it looked that day? :)

Another view from the esplanade. You can see the Fullerton Hotel. The spot from where I took this picture is my most favourite spot in Singapore. I love visiting this place and sitting by the river. Especially in the evening. :) I could sit there all night long!!!
The esplanade! Theatres by the bay! I love this building too!! My other favourite place!(the durian!!! :P)
The moon again! What did you expect us to do??!!! It was a beautiful night! Check out the reflection of the moon on the esplanade building :D
This one is another hotel. It was sooooooooooooooooo tall.... confused soul said she wanted this picture real bad. So I took a couple of pictures for her
Another picture (clearer one) of the hotel.

It was a wonderful evening where each one of us got high on happiness and friendship at some point of time or the other. We had a marvellous dinner at Thai Express and then took a long walk around the place and did plenty of window shopping. There was never a boring moment. Confused girl took care of that with her hilarious imitation of motorbikes and her poor jokes... I am sure a few people gave us some weird looks!

None of these pictures come close to how beautiful the sights actually were. The things we saw were a 100 times more beautiful than these pictures. But the evening that we had together was a million times better than all the wonderful sights put together. Thats the power of spending a special evening with special company. They made my National day evening a very memorable one :)

The awesome foursome all set to celebrate Singapore's national day in style! :) we rock!

Happy national day, Singapore!


Clueless said...

Whee! Awesome day, awesome pics, awesome post. 'Nuff said. ;)

Clueless said...

Just saw your comment on my post. Freaky! It's confirmed. We're telepathic. :P

Confused Soul said...

We sure did have an awesome time.. right from showing off to our friends that we were all dressed in red and white [being the patriotic people that we are :P]; to enjoying the food, fireworks, stupid couplets and lame jokes [With CS around, you are bound to have those!], piranhas swimming in the water :P,the beautiful moon,our hunt for handsome hunks :P,imitations of bikes racing with my grunt,lol, wondering how a mermaid actually pees,lol, taking some amazing pictures,and loads of other amazing memories.. :)
We rock! :D :D

Macho Girl said...

go check your comment space for my reply! :P GMTA!!

#confused girl
As I said before... someone's been busy copy pasting stuff!!! :P
I forgot to mention the piranhas!!!! and the couplets!! and that whole rhyming fever that u got! Wow, that was one crazy evening ;)

double head said...

Merlion and the Moon, truly classy, the moon between the durions is even more beautiful. So far I have seen only moon between mountains, this is different. The awesome foursome, who took the picture, some handsome hunk???!!!

soleil said...

I've been in Singapore for so many years and I've never been to the Esplanade on National Day. I should do that sometime considering how much fun you gals had haha. Awesome pictures!

Macho Girl said...

#double head
Classy photos huh? I liked them too! they came out quite well. But you should have seen all that with your own eyes. It was truly a beautiful night :)

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?????????????? Not been to esplande on national day??????????? You are coming with us next year! No excuses!!! Keep 9th august 2007 evening free!!!

prithz said...

Hey, i went to the watch the fireworks show on the last day (sterday that is)... it was awesome.. i'l post the pics i took pretty soon in ma blog.... u can chkit out there...

u 4 seem to be having an awesome time together... Nice nice... :)