Monday, February 05, 2007

Surprise Surprise!!!

I'm finally writing this post... one month after my birthday!!! :">

I always said that since I came to NUS, my birthday has been falling in "no-man's zone". I couldn't find a better phrase. Maybe you could help me find a better term :P What I mean by the phrase I used is that it falls at an awkward time... It falls just 2-3 days before semester starts in NUS. So that basically means that for the past two years, I have been taking the flight back to Singapore on my birthday. Some people say its not that bad... the flight is at 23:45hrs so that means only 15mins of it is spent in the flight. Thats not the way I see it! I have to spend 2 hours before that to check-in and for immigration. I have to leave home by 8:30pm. Most of the day goes in last minute packing and checking and re-checking that everything is in. People say "pack the day before your b'day and relax on b'day!" Excellent advice... can be done in theory... but seriously, how many of us have not worried about packing and checking on the day of the flight?

So this year was no different. I said bye to my parents [ :( ] and boarded thee flight after a day of packing. What a way to celebrate a birthday :-/

It didn't seem like my birthday would get much attention in Singapore either since I land here a day after my birthday. Thats why I call it "no-man's zone". I don't get to celebrate at home and I dont get to celebrate here with friends. All my other friends get sabos and stuff. I just never thought I would get one. It didn't bother me too much. (of course, if one came my way, I wouldn't complain!!! Its nice to be centre of attraction! ;) :P )

Here's my side of the story of the day i got my surprise from my friends... I'll try to keep it short and sweet!

I get up in the morning and go to lecture feeling happy that its first week of uiversity and that the lab we were supposed to have on wednesdays started only in week two. So that meant, a 10-12 introductory lecture, then freedom!!!! After the lecture, my friends and I joined Andromeda for lunch. It was then that I realised my faculty was holding its second hand book sale collection the very next day. I wanted to sell a couple of my textbooks, but i had left them in Andromeda's house for the vacation. I turn to clueless (as I always do! :P) and ask her if she could come with me that evening to Andromeda's house to collect my books. They weigh a ton and I'd never be able to bring them on my own. The poor girl had no choice but to agree. She looked rather blue and I immediately began to wonder if I was forcing her into coming with me when she didn't want to :( I spent my afternoon lazing around in my room, arranging stuff, printing notes, taking a nap and just killing time till clueless was ready to leave. Finally in the evening, we left. I remembered that clueless and I had topped-up our ezlink cards together and had the same amount then. But this time, when we tapped, her card showed less cash left than mine. I brought up the topic. She couldn't explain. We left it at that. We went, collected my books and were on our way back to our hostel by cab. Then, suddenly the topic of birthdays turned up and i told her sadly "this year, I didnt even cut a cake! Birthdays are incomplete without cutting cakes! Even the cake that my dad bought for me, I had to stuff that down at the last minute before I left to the airport because all day we were busy packing and doing other stuff. So technically, this was a cake-less birthday :("..... here, we shall pause and move over to clueless' side of the story.

She woke up, also happy that there was no lab that day. She had a few things in mind to finish off during the lab time and plans for the evening. She went with friends to have lunch with Andromeda. On the way back, Macho girl (ahem ahem) complicated matters for her by asking her to come to Andromeda's house in the evening. The poor girl was in an uncomfortable position. She couldn't say no to Macho girl, coz then Macho Girl, being the emotional creature that she is, would feel bad. So she had to choice but to say ok. She was worried all the plans that she, cookie monster, soleil and confused soul had made for the evening would be ruined! Once she reached the hostel after lunch, she said bye to MG and pretended to head off towards her room. But instead of going there, she met up with Soleil and together they went to the bakery to my a wonderful cake for Macho Girl. Soleil also got a wonderful present for Macho girl... a beautiful chain! She walked all over the place that afternoon to get these things done! (atleast, thats what I heard)

Then she returned back to the hostel, didn't have time to get back to her room. She just called MG and said she was ready to leave for Andromeda's house, even though in reality, all she wanted to do was to sleep and take some rest. MG trots along, completely unaware that clueless never got the chance to sleep that afternoon. As they enter the bus, MG notices that clueless has lesser money in her ezy-link card than expected. Clueless bursts into sweat. She didn't realise MG was so observant (muahahahaha!!!!!). She felt relieved once MG dismissed it as some fault with the public transport system(this time, clueless thinks "muahahaha!"). After collecting the books, on the way back in the cab, she listens to MG feeling bad about not getting to cut cake for her birthday. She smiles to herself thinking... this is an appropriate time to talk about that.

Anyways, we got back after collecting my books and had dinner. Then we went to my room (for some reason). I can't quite remember what happened. But at around 10-10:30pm, clueless tried to get me to go out for a walk. I still didn't suspect anything out of the ordinary. I love going for walks around the hostel with clueless, so i obviously accepted the invitation. But I took my own sweet time to get out of my room. Finally an impatient clueless shoved me out!

As we walked near the barbeque pit areas, i notice ahead, in one of the pits, there is a familiar figure... a girl... standing exactly the way soleil does... and another girl... seated... who has hair just like confused soul... I realised then... something was up...

I realised then... i was walking to the first ever sabo of my life :)

I swear I had no idea all day that they were planning this whole thing! It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life as I stood there, near my cake, surrounded by friends who care enough to celebrate my birthday 4 days after it passed. They remembered! And that meant a lot to me. Actually... it meant the whole world to me :) :) :)

I blew the candles (:D), they had a bottle of coke (yay!!!) and the cake was delicious. I was happy that they werent smashing cake on my face. We all just sat and ate cake. After a while, someone commented... "hmm... i am full and we still have half a cake left... what do we do?!"


I ran... and was chased by confused girl with a big piece of cake. I got cake smashed on my face before I knew it. Later i was telling everyone... Confused girl is the one who smashes cake. The rest put cake on the face like they put haldi (turmeric) for the brides before the wedding! Once the cake smashing was done, I had a coke bath!!!! half the bottle was poured on my head!!!! By the end of it all, clueless commented that I looked like rogue from X-men with a white streak of hair... except my hair was white coz of the cake!!! :P

After all was done, we walked over to cookie monster's room, where I got my gift from her. A very useful gift! It was a pack of UNO cards! we sat playing till late in the night. It was the most fun night I have had in a long long long long long long time.

My cake!!!! Don't it look awesome and yummy!!!!!! As soon as I blew the candles, the fruits were gone... courtesy, cookie monster (who also happens to be a fruit monster :P) and confused soul!)

Pwetty pwetty candles! Happy Birthday to me!!! :P :D

Warning! If you have a weak heart or are a cake lover (fanatic, whatever) SKIP THE NEXT PICTURE! ITS NOT MEANT FOR YOU!

The massacre!!! What remained of the wonderful cake and the coke! Its not pretty... it never is! :P

There was a point of time where I was seriously considering not posting about my surprise party. I claim this blog to be a place where I talk about the people, events and things that mean the most to me... but I have come to realise that I don't always write about the stuff that means the most to me... and I seem to avoid writing about them purposely. I guess I just feel I'd never be able to do justice to how special things actually are coz I am not a very good writer and there are just some feelings which aren't quite described by the words in the English Language (or any other language). I also worry that people who read this may not understand just how special some things are to me as they read the post.

I wrote this post anyways... coz seriously... who cares!!!! All I know is that the sabo meant a LOT to me... more than anyone can imagine and I know that there are people who will read this post and understand just how special that night was....

coz they are the reason it happened! :) Clueless, cookie moster, soleil, confused girl.... Love ya guys! You da best! All of you! Thanks for everything! :) :) :)


Clueless said...

It damn well have meant something -- I didn't come up with the most elaborate excuse of my life for nothing! That Ez-link Card story is something I so enjoyed telling everyone once the cat was out of the bag. Damn you and your observational skills! Well, tit for tat, I guess. I didn't exactly let you guys plan my birthday sabo in peace, either :P

Anyway, glad to know you enjoyed it! We figured you deserved one for being the wonderful friend that you are! :D

double head said...

Hmm I am confused...what is SABO? Next year Chocolate eclairs not in your mouth, but on your face for sure......May be you order a cake in the flight from next year onwards, I am sure SG AIRLINES would be very happy to do so. Your parents tell me that your 3rd birthday was also celebrated while flying in SG airlines and the rest of the day in SG airport. SG and you.....hmmm seems like a destiny!!

soleil said...

Aww! It was priceless watching you get chased around by the Confused Soul :p I must say I had no hand in getting all that nice sugary stuff on you cos I was taking the pictures!!! :D Glad you like the necklace I got you! Its hard shopping for a Macho Girl hehe.

Confused Soul said...

I simply loved this line.. this time, clueless thinks "muahahaha!".. loved listening to clueless's version of the ezlink card confusion.. it was so funny!
And running after people smashing cake on their faces.. yeh to meri purani aadat hai :P And people shouting from above - Nasty! haha..
It was awesome fun..the uno cards n all.. glad it meant so much to you,
anything to make an awesome friend happy :)

Thenraj said...

Belated Happy birthday Wishes sweety...:-P

Anonymous said...

Belated ...Birthday Wishes to Macho Gurl....moonlight