Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yours Weirdly!

Wow! Its been a really really long time since I last blogged! More than a month! It feels good to be back :) Coz a long absence from my dear blog only implies that the semester’s been hectic and my return means that I am free! (ermm… actually… “free-er” would be a better term… I still got my exams coming!)

I decided to start off with Soleil’s tag. She tagged me a loooong time back and I don’t want to keep her waiting anymore! And oh yeah, today is her birthday… so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOLEIL!!!!!! I normally wish people saying “Hope you had an amazing day and a wonderful year ahead”. For you, I am not going to say the amazing day part coz I know it sucks to have 2 tests on your birthday and a project submission the next day! So I’ll say “Hope you have a wonderful day on Saturday (your unofficial birthday this semester :P) and a wonderful year ahead!!!!”

Now, back to the tag. I gotta list 6 weird things about me! Well… I am quite a normal person (hey you there! Yeah…. You! Stop laughing!). So it was pretty hard to think of weird stuff about me. But I finally managed to gather a list! Here goes…
  1. I am addicted to milk. Yeah… you heard me…. I love milk! I’ve grown so tall drinking minimum 2 glasses of milk a day and can go upto 4 and beyond! Since I came to NUS, my milk consumption has gone down. But I am still addicted. I don’t drink milk for health reasons anymore. Lets just say, I can’t sleep at night without drinking atleast a sip of milk! And not just any milk! I HATE 99% FAT FREE MILK! I drink full cream only! And only certain brands. If I don’t get it for a few days coz the shop doesn’t have it, then I get what me and my friends call “milk withdrawal symptoms” :P That includes making statements such as “Don’t you think rasam/dhal/sambar rice or dosa or whatever goes best with a tall glass of cold milk?”. Yes, you may start pitying my friends whose appetites I ruin. You have my permission
  2. No matter what the occasion is, my “make-up” kit consists of 2 items – facewash gel and a hairbrush. I know what foundation, eye-liner, lip gloss and all are. I have no clue how to apply them or how much to apply. I am sure I am fulling capable of walking to my wedding after just washing my face and putting a bindi. And yeah… might consider doing something about my hair. (Note: I don’t think this is weird. But all my friends think that a make-up kit of just 2 items and not knowing how to use the rest is weird. Girls are supposed to like make-up apparently!!!)
  3. I am not capable of deciding what I want for any meal of the day. When I lived in India with my parents, I used to eat whatever was cooked except for the rare exceptions when I would crave for something then make a request. I haven’t changed one bit. Even today I cannot make up my mind in food matters (except milk!). Ask Clueless how many times I have made a decision on my own! Almost never! I tend to find it easier to just follow her and queue up in which ever stall she is headed to :P Not that I mind! Luckily for me, we share similar food tastes!
  4. Obsessions can be induced very easily in me. I didn’t know about Smallville (and of late Heroes). Till I met Clueless that is. Today I know almost the entire outline of all the Smallville seasons and am fully capable of engaging other Smallville fans in long conversations and arguments. I have loads of songs in my Playlist. I love almost all of them. I got most of them from Clueless (including my this week’s obsession… If I got a nickel for everytime that Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound” ran through my head, I’d be a millionaire. And oh! I got that song also from Clueless. Otherwise I’d be “Coldplay who?”
  5. I’m a pure Vegetarian. I eat chicken once in a while when I crave for it. I consider chicken to be a plant. So I am still a pure vegetarian. And yeah… I know… I am in denial. (Don’t start the not-just-a-river-in-Egypt routine!)
  6. I can’t watch horror movies (or TV shows) or certain ET movies like “Signs” and all. I get freaked out too easily. For example, I watched an episode of “Supernatural” on a Friday. I guess that was about a couple of weeks ago. That night, I didn’t turn off my laptop. I turned on some music and went to sleep in the light of my laptop screen. The next night, I turned off my laptop and tried to sleep. Couldn’t do it. So I switched it back on, turned on music and slept. The night after that, same story. The fourth night was ok. I slept like a baby. And my laptop was switched off. I have improved! The old me would have either camped in a friend’s room for the weekend, then kept the laptop on for over a month (or week, depending on the level of horror)! I was freaked only for 3 nights this time.

There you go! This is all I could think of! And here's what Blogthings test says!

You Are 50% Weird
Normal enough to know that you're weird...But too damn weird to do anything about it!

So y’all agree that I’m not weird, right? Right! Good! :P :P :P :P


Clueless said...

Oye! You told me you had no problem after that Supernatural episode we saw! And it wasn't even scary, woman!

Nice list, though. I was wondering what on earth you came up with in such short time (inspiration in the lift, it seems!) and I'm impressed. Good job, you are weird. And how awesome is it that we managed to come up with different stuff? We're not conjoined twins after all! Yay us! :D

Confused Soul said...

You eat only chicken? What about turrrrrrrrrrrrrkey? Your favourite food!! Haha..
Well I agree you are pretty normal..[except probably about the make-up part.. for your wedding, that is.. :P] I'm actually inspired to go and complete my tag now!! :)

soleil said...

Thank you! I had a wonderful time on Saturday! It was really worth the wait. I have a new blog post about it :)

Now for the comment proper:

1. You have a case of what I call 99%-Fat-free-milk intolerance and Absolute-full-cream-milk tolerance. You should install a device in the Georgie's fridge that stores you fave brand of milk. This device will serve to alert you whenever new stock comes in so that you can RUSH to buy them before they're all snapped up ;)

2. Um, compared to the normal girl living in the city, you're weird on this point. At least have some lip gloss or at the very very least lip balm ;)

3. i think this has to do with some "cravings" part of the brain. We need to stimulate it a little in order to make you more decisive on food. But now the question is how??? :p

4. Clueless can be very influential so I don't blame you for the Tom Welling obsession ;) Don't try to make it sound like a Smallville obsession when you two are really obsessed with the hottie...*waves index finger from side to side at MG and Clueless*

5. Its perfectly normal to want to eat chicken but calling it a plant? Now that's weird and coming from a life sciences student makes it all the more weird.

6. We're both similar in this aspect ;) However, I think you're more scared of them than me. I could still sleep with the lights off after watching "Dawn of the Dead" in cultural studies classes in year 1 Sem 1

the teller said...

i am also 50% weird! blogthings lies i think ;)