Thursday, May 17, 2007

Risk Management

Bookstores seem to be cropping up all over the city. The competition must be intense. Gigantic chain stores are opening all over the place! One of my favourite bookstores is a moderately huge one. Its pretty close to my home. I went there a few days back (or was it a week back? I seem to have lost all sense of time!). And looks like they have found new ways of keeping customers loyal! A new feature! :P :P :P

I roamed around the shop for a while... aimlessly checking out books. Dad said I could buy myself a nice novel to get me through any boredom time that I might face. I wandered off the the fiction section. 3 books caught my attention. All by Robin Cook. "Acceptable Risk", "Outbreak" and "Toxin". Couldn't make up my mind so I asked Dad to pick one for me. All the books were priced the same. He randomly picked one.

We browsed around a little longer. Then moved over the the music section. No interesting CDs there. So we went off to bill the book. Dad gave me money and I stood in the line. Looks like these people got their billing machine thingies upgraded! The guy at the counter scans the book and the machine displays the final price to me. And looks like the customer's diplay also displays its opinions on the value of the item purchased! There were just two lines there.

Total Value = Rs. 195

Gee... thanks for your opinion! :P ;)


Clueless said...

Hee! Awesome! The machine's been there so long, it's only right that it gets to put in its two cents (or rather 195 rupees :P) about your purchase! ;)

Confused Soul said...

Lol!! That was so cute!

soleil said...

Cute!!! :) That's one really smart machine haha!

Andrew J said...

hi there - I just stumbled across your blog... I've been enjoying your quirky writing. thanks for the entertainment.

OuTlaW said...

hahaa.. cute. yea for robin cook it definitely is acceptable risk!! btw he's a nice author. i am sure u wil enjoy it!!