Friday, June 29, 2007

My Dil Goes Mmmmmmmeow! :P

My cat was a very major part of my life for the three years that I had it. It changed a lot of things for me. One of the significant changes was that I looked at animals in a totally different way. Particularly pets. I guess its because I never had one, I never knew what it would feel like. But with the cat around, it was like having my own pet.

Whenever I stepped out into the backyard, I'd hear her familiar "meow" and she'd come up to me and rub her little head against my legs and roll over at my feet!!! She was darn cute. My mom was convinced that I was talking to the cat in its language because whenever i made a mewing sound, it would reply! Pity, I never understood the conversation. Bet it made purrfect sense to her :P :P :P

The thing about my cat that was so endearing was that she wasn't too shy or too scared. She would approach strangers. Even the guests who came to my house knew all about my cat and had played with her! She was that amazing. I have never ever seen another cat as bold as her. Normally, every other cat just runs away when anyone approaches. Hard to play with those kinds *sigh*

Anyways, I had a great time with her those 3 years. After I moved out, she died of old age. Whenever I go back home for vacation and stand outside in the backyard, I miss her. In fact, these days, I don't visit the backyard that frequently. It serves no purpose for me. I used to go out before just to meet my cat. But even when I am in Singapore, I do think about her once in a while. And yeah, I have become crazy about cats. I just love 'em! Ask my friends. They'll tell you what I say everytime i see a cat. It goes something like this...

"Awwwwchikoochiekoo.... *incomprehensible string of mush.... koochiekoocootcat!!"

Today the most amazing thing happened to me. The day started off like any other. Get up, get through all the morning rituals and hurry out of the house, then walk a certain distance to reach the bus stop. I walk through PGP each morning to reach the bus stop. Today, I met someone on the way!

A cute little kitty cat! :)

And you know whats the best part? She didnt run away when she saw me stop to stare at her! She stared right back for a while. I decided to break the silence and have a chat with her.

Me- meow!

Cat- meow?

Me- Meow! :)

Cat- meow!!!! :D

Yeah... I was an instant hit! She came bounding towards me. She was still a bit cautious. She circled me a couple of times. And then she walked real close to me and rubbed her little furry head against my jeans and shoes to show that she trusted me.

Me - Awwwwwww....... *melts on the spot into a gooey mush*

She was adorable! She was just like my cat back at home!!!! Just as bold! It was wonderful to meet a cat like that again! It was like meeting an old friend after years! (Did i just start talking about the cat like its a person? :-/)

We played for a few minutes. It felt awesome. But then I had to leave. I was getting late for lab. I told the kitty (in english!) that I had to leave and that I would see it again some other time. She didn't want me to go! She followed me as far as she could giving me loads of loud "meows" as if to say, "why are you leaving so soon?! It was fun playing with you! Stay longer!"

I don't know why I love cats so much. Maybe its because the first pet I ever had was a cat. In any case, I know when I grow up, I'd love to have a couple of cats roaming about my apartment :)

By the way, the cat I met today was a black cat. Jet balck! And my day has been fine so far *touchwood*. So all you people who believe that cute wittle black kitties bring bad luck... me and the entire cat community have just one thing to say to you...


Go figure out what that means yourself! :P


Clueless said...

Ha! I normally roll my eyes at your cat obsession, but if it makes you feel any better, as you were telling me the story this morning, this is what was running through my head: Awwchikoochikoo! Yup, you know how difficult it is to get that reaction out of me, especially regarding cats, so I guess this a big step in that direction for me! :D

soleil said...

Awww! So nice that you found a kitty that's similar to your first pet! Meow indeed. I don't believe in those superstitions. A cat is a cat and it's fur colour is determined by its genes and not anything else superstitious :p

Confused Soul said...

Haha.. I've met that cat too.. yesterday when I left my block, she was sitting right there.. She stared at me for a while too, but since I don't have much chemistry with cats, [and also because I'm a teeny-weeny bit superstitious about black cats] I thought she was staring at me for evil reasons and so I just gave her a long look and went my way!! :P

I can imagine how you feel about cats.. I've had a dog and rabbits at home, I totally understand :)