Saturday, August 25, 2007

Random ("themed") thoughts!

So I was talking to Clueless when she asked me when I was going to update my blog. The conversation went something like this

Clueless: When is your next post coming out girlie?!!!

Me: Very soon lor, I have a few ideas in mind. But I think its gonna be a very random post

Clueless: Oh nice! You haven't done much of those!

Me: Yeah. I know. Its pretty random. But it has a theme!

Clueless: :-|

Me: Whaaaa?! Why the look?!

Clueless: Well, if you have given your "random" thoughts a "theme", then its not such a random post anymore now is it?

Me: No! It still is random! Just a "themed" random post! :D :D :D

Clueless: :-|

Anyways. That was just a random thing in this post :P On to post proper now!

I have been having a few random thoughts all connected to my country. Here they are:

1. When I was living in India (full time! :P), I never really learnt any "Indian" stuff. I did general things like arts, sports etc. It was only after coming to Singapore that I developed a sudden desire to learn the violin (actually, to learn Indian classical music. I just figured violin was my best option to go about the task). And now, in my third year at university, I have started taking Kathak lessons! Why didn't I learn all this when I was in India and had better resources?!!!! Why did I develop a sudden interest AFTER leaving the country?! Weird :-\

2. Along the lines of learning, I used to groan at the thought of civics classes in school. You know... "history & civics"! I hated learning about the structure of the Indian Government, the courts, politics from 1947 to current day stuff, the blah, more blah and even blah! (I didn't mind history though. I thought Indian History was damn fascinating). Now I am in Singapore and have taken an entire course related to the field! (civics I mean :P). And now I find politics in India very interesting! Politics from 1947-2007 has been quite... erm... eventful... interestingly so. What the heck was I doing when the daily newspaper used to lie on the dining table?! I should have read papers more often and taken more interest in this sorta stuff when I was there. Now reading online newspapers isn't as fun. And yeah, I miss the 8pm news :(

3. Along the lines of this module that I am learning, I found it interesting that a poll shows that the most trusted (by the people of India) organisations in the Indian Government are the Election Commission and The Supreme Court and the least trusted are the Police! I would have thought it to be the other way around! :P Its scary bit of news if you ask me! :-\

4. After spending 2 years without really celebrating Indian Independence day, I have come to realise that I miss singing my national anthem. I can't believe we used to take it for granted (well, not the anthem. Only the group singing....and not very much for granted. only a bit) at school. Every Monday we would hoist the flag, salute, and then at the end, sing the National Anthem all together. I realised only very recently that I miss singing the anthem! Its a beautiful song! Not just because its my country's anthem, but I think the tune is really nice and the lyrics, very meaningful! (boo to all those who say its a British praising song or whatever. I don't believe you!). It was only when I was watching K3G with Clueless and Bubble Burster that I realised I missed the anthem. Fortunately, I'm not really the type who cries while watching movie (for like the millionth time :P :P). At the expense of having people roll their eyes or laugh at me, here's a little secret. When I went to the Indian Embassy this year to finally celebrate Independence day, I couldn't really sing the National Anthem with everyone else. Its been a long time since I have been in a huge group singing the anthem. I was almost in tears and I am sure if I had attempted to sing, I would have (almost) cried on the spot. There. I said it. Go ahead and laugh or roll your eyes or whatever. But I miss singing my country's National Anthem *defensive look*

I am pretty sure I had more than just 4 thoughts. Hmm.... they seem to have disappeared! Anyways, erm... yeah... thats about it! :P

I always knew that I missed home, as in, I miss my parents, I miss living with them and all. I have only recently realised that I miss my country too. Takes "home sickness" to a totally different level, doesn't it?


Clueless said...

Ah, there's your "themed" random post. I still think it isn't random at all. :P

You know, I would probably say the same thing about each one of those points you brought up. I'm also suddenly interested in learning more Indian stuff now that I'm here, and I miss stuff like the Republic Day Parade and singing the National Anthem. It's really weird, but it makes sense in a way. Home sickness, indeed!

And so much agreement on the SN module! I can't believe I'm having so much fun listening and reading about Indian Politics! Yay, India! :D

I'm sure things like this will make us appreciate India a whole lot more when we go back during vacations. Aaaaar motherlaaaaaaaand! :D

double head said...

It is not the Jana Gana Mana that brings tears in my case, it is Vande Mataram that brings the emotions out of me for my country, every single time I have heard it play.

Mother land, mother, cultural values of ones home land, one does not appreciate sitting on the soil. You miss things only when you realise that you have lost them. This is true of everything in life. Even the most horrible tasting cabbage curry will be missed at some point of time in one's life!

Confused Soul said...

I guess it's something like this - you realise the worth of something when it's not with you? I guess that's what has happened in our case.. But I'm glad there are so many of us here [Indians I mean], that we have a chance to do Indian stuff! :)

Sorry for the late comment girl.. You see,I've been really busy lately.. ;)