Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Learning Exercise

Note: This post has 2 totally random topics, totally unrelated to each other. I put them together in one post because I didn't think they deserved two separate blog posts. The title refers to the first random thought

Random Thought 1

I can't study unless I pace around my room. And my room being a tiny place, I need to make use of every bit of it I can set foot in to pace. That means I walk all the way to the door (till my head almost bangs it!) and back to the window on the opposite side, where I nearly collide with the window pane. I have an exam tomorrow morning (then why am I sitting at 2am blogging?!!) and after dinner, I decided to look through my notes one more time. And I paced around, as usual. Except, something unusual caught my eye as I approached the window. Usually everything is still and quiet outside. Nothing moves... and its also quite dark so even if the trees did rustle in the wind, I wouldn't be able to see it. I can also see the rooms from the hostel next door. Most of the occupants keep their window blinds shut, so there is nothing to see. It adds to the stillness. But today, something caught my eye. A very vigourous movement! I stopped to take a closer look... One of the window blinds in the next door hostel was open. There was this girl lying on the bed, a set of notes in hand, vigourously pumping her legs up and down!!!! And she must have done that for each leg about a hundred times!!! I resumed pacing and studying, but couldnt help but to note that she did 5-6 different kinds of physical exercise, while lying in bed, while reading her notes!!!! :O I know that pacing around is maybe sorta kinda like exercise. Or maybe not. But all of a sudden I am left wondering... how come I didn't think of this before! Sure, I don't have time to go to the gym (literally no time!) or go to the tracks to jog. The weather doesn't permit me to cool off at the swimming pool. But I could have exercised while studying!!!! Damn, I feel ashamed to call myself an ex-athlete. Maybe I won't call myself that anymore! :P

Random Thought 2

There are so many things about movies that I laugh at or dismiss as melodramatic, something that will never happen in real life. Do you know how sometimes in movies, someone reads something about themselves, most often a letter, written by someone else of course, which has this one sentence that expresses the writer's bad opinion of the person... then this person is so stunned that the writer thinks that about him/her and that sentence just sticks in their head and keeps playing over and over again? Initially, its just like a broken tape recorder playing the same line over and over again. But as time passes, the line comes back to haunt the person during certain instances. I used to watch those scenes and think to myself, "What crap! How can you remember the line verbatim after reading it only once and how can it haunt you days after you have read the stuff!". Recently, I have come to realise that in real life, such things can happen. One day, by mistake, I read something written about me that sort of stung. I know it wasn't meant for me to read, but it was an accident that I chanced upon it (unfortunately). I couldn't believe the writer had that opinion of me! I used to have a lot of respect and admiration for that person! And now I find it amazing that while there are certain definitions in my lecture notes that I seem to have to read a million times to remember, there are certain other sentences that I need to read just once to remember verbatim. And it does come back to haunt me, plays like a broken tape recorder over and over again and it still stings fresh everytime I think about it. I know I am not a perfect person. I am far from that. Over the past one week, I seem to have become very acutely aware of several flaws in me and its been the most difficult struggle to get rid of some of them. The sting of the sentence doesn't make life easier. And it makes me look retarded! Everytime I think about it, I end up wincing externally at the oddest moments!

Ah well... I guess its never too late to learn from the girl living in the hostel next door. And I guess most often, it doesn't matter what others think of you. I should try to forget what I read and just be who I am. If the person had a valid point, then just modify myself a bit and stay happy. Perfect abs and a healthy mind... hmmm...

I got it! Maybe from now on I should exercise hard in my room while studying, till my muscles ache and the following day, when I wince coz of the stinging, I can blame it on muscles stiff from exercising! Covert something embarassing into something to be proud of :P


Clueless said...

Now we know how these girls manage to stay slim and fit despite eating all sorts of crap! :P

As for random thought #2? See, here's where my Read-Only document theory comes to good use! *is proud of self* :D

Shubhada said...

I don't think exercising while studying is a good idea. You will end up having muscle pain probably, but no studies. Try it and you will realise I am right.

About the comment you felt bad about,I understand it is difficult to ignore it. But the best thing to do is to ignore it! It really does not matter what others think of us. We have to just completely block our mind in that direction as if it never happened. Believe me it can be done. Everyone has some flaw or other, and it is a good thing to overcome them. There has never been or never will be a perfect person in this world. But a person who sees bad in other people is definitley not a good person. You have to realise that and let nothing bother you. So cheer up and stop wincing. Remember nothing or nobody can hurt us unless we let them!