Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Using What We Need

I have resumed reading newspapers since I came back and recently discovered that June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day. So I decided to interrupt the series of posts I had planned for my recent trip to Uttarkhand with a post to acknowledge the occasion!

I had heard a lot about Al Gore's documentary on global warming. Everyone encouraged me to watch it. Apparently it was the scariest thing that many had seen in a long time! As luck would have it, HBO was showing this documentary every other day with subtitles. I managed to catch it one day. I have to admit. It was pretty scary! It was more of putting facts and photos together and allowing the viewers to interpret them.

That got me wondering - big changes need to be made for sure to save this planet. And its not right to think that just one person won't make a difference. I decided to build a list of things I could follow to make a difference. As I was making the list, I realised it had stuff that everyone is aware of, like, use cloth bags for shopping, don't waste water, use public transport as much as possible etc etc etc. I decided not to post all those things here.

Instead, for a world environment day special post, here is the gist of the entire list-

Use only what you need! Its not like we have another planet to turn to!

"The Blue Marble" courtesy - NASA (Apollo 17 on 7th December 1972)


Clueless said...

Oh, that is such a pretty image. We live on a beautiful planet, no? I agree - we should do our best to keep it as it is!

And I haven't seen this documentary myself. Must catch it sometime!

soleil said...

I recently watched An Inconvenient Truth too! It is very disturbing indeed and the rate of human consumption is so scary! It's not helping that the human population is increasing as well. We can all see the effects of our actions. We don't have to wait to rally together to do something. As you said, we can start by using only what we need and recycling :)

Macho Girl said...

We can catch it after I come back. I love that documentary and cud watch it over and over :P And yeah, apparently this pic is one of the most popular images of all times. No wonder! Its a pretty planet :)

Saving the world half a tissue a time! :D I cud learn a thing or two from u :)