Saturday, August 30, 2008

One down, one to go (Totally random post!)

I finally finished my TOEFL exam and I feel relieved about that. But finishing TOEFL exam just means that the bigger one, GRE, is less than a month away. An aside, its strange to see how many people here have no clue whatsoever about GRE and dont seem to see what's all the hype about. Strange. Never mind it.

Life has become hectic and monotonous at the same time. Now I find myself in a balancing act. I feel like I am walking on a tight rope, balancing my Honors Year Project in one hand, my normal modules in the other and GRE on my head. Of course, things can't be as simple as this. It feels like my CCAs are shaking the rope around as I walk... just to spice things up *rolls eyes*

Considering I have so much to complete in the next one month, I feel guilty everytime I go out. I went out to see the fireworks festival at the Esplanade, I went to watch Wall-e (cute movie), I seem to eat out a lot more often during the weekends, etc etc etc.

My weekdays are pretty much like this.... get up early in the morning and get ready asap, study for a while before its time to go to lab, between breakfast and lunch time work in lab, study, work some more in lab, study a little more, go to lecture somewhere in the middle and then work and study again. After a brief lunch break, work even more, study harder, go to lecture, come back, study and work at the same time. After a snack at the canteen, I come back to my room, rest for a few minutes (usually means I have to clean up my room) then study again. Is it any wonder that I tend to freak out and let it go once in a while? You can't blame me for taking an entire afternoon off during the weekends just to go out somewhere and have something other than maggi, sandwich, salad etc. *sigh*

I just noticed that its been more than a month since I blogged. And as I already mentioned before, my life has just become so monotonous that I can't think of anything to blog about (other than my GRE and lab work of course :P). Desperate times call for desperate measures. So instead of studying right now, I decided to crap out a random post ;)

I am amazed at one thing though... In spite of all this work, I find myself happier and more satisfied with life than I have been in a really long time. I eat healthy these days (lots of veggies and fruits!), I sleep for minimum 7 hours a day and get a lot accomplished. Weird. Who would have ever thought that working so hard would make me so happy :-/ Maybe I am just losing it!

In other news, after writing TOEFL, I freaked out and had fun in a very dorkish manner. My exam centre was right next to the Science Centre of Singapore. Clueless and I spent the day there and even watched an IMAX movie on the conservation of the Grand Canyon. Nothing like spending a day with science to unwind and relax :P

For those aspiring to write TOEFL, if you are fluent in English, then TOEFL is nothing more than an insult to your intellect. Nothing to get stressed about. I actually enjoyed the questions because I didn't have to think much at all!

For those who believe there are no more nice people left in this cold and cruel world, I met an old lady yesterday at the bus stop and it so happened we were waiting for the same bus. She got around talking to me and asked when did the last bus go by and when I expected the next bus to come etc etc. Then she took out some candy, ate one herself and then offered me one. I tried to refuse but she insisted I take it because it was vitamin-C rich and young people like me needed it.

For those who don't believe in miracles - I was supposed to have a test this thursday and it was supposed to be worth 8% of my total grade. I was totally unprepared for it (because I have been so busy with GRE) so I went in thinking that 8% didn't matter and I would make up for it later. The questions were handed out and we all started solving the paper. I couldnt answer even a single question satisfactorily. Just when the exam was about to get over, the prof announced that these papers were not going to be graded and that it was just for us to get a feel for the next test. Then a little later, when it was time to wrap up, he announced that they weren't going to collect our answer scripts at all. We were to take these back home and bring them for the next tutorial to discuss with our tutors :D

Ok, I think I am done rambling and ranting. Back to studying now :P


Clueless said...

Yay for random posts! I liked reading this one, although I know all about every single event mentioned here! Then again, when do I not, right? ;)

And keep up with the good work, girl! Less than a month to go and then freeeeeeeedom! \o/

Tifossi said...

guess u mus b done wth gre now.. yah toefl seemed like writing an english exam after a school..gre was a pain n da ass.. thank god im done wth it..

Anonymous said...

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