Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spice it up?

I noticed an ad from blogger which encourages its bloggers to "spice up" their blogs with cool gadgets. It certainly caught my attention and I found myself wondering how I could spice mine up. Then being the over-thinker that I am, I paused to ponder a bit :P

Why exactly would I want to spice up my blog with new gadgets? Isn't my blog simply a place where I come to write out my thoughts on the world around me? That's the main reason why I created this spot for myself in the first place. So why would i need cool, new gadgets to light things up? To make it more appealing to visitors? Hey, I know I am not a great writer!! And I don't need loads of visitors with a zillion comments! I blog for me! I don't need to deck this place up to attract people here!

Then why do I have the desire to check out the gadgets in the first place?

You should have seen my room in our previous house. We shifted out of there 7 years ago. I had a huge room. And each of the four walls had something on it... something I made. There was one whole wall dedicated to disney cartoon characters... I called it "The Walt Disney Wall". And what I had done was I had drawn and coloured several disney characters in various attires and poses, like skating, swimming, playing hopscotch, chasing butterflies etc etc. And I had made an intricate connection between all of them, making the wall like one big story. I had cut out roads, bushes, ponds, pebbles, sand boxes, sand castles etc etc out of paper and coloured them. Then I stuck them between my disney characters to give them some continuity. I loved the whole concept. The opposite wall had a huge periodic table of elements. And all around it, I had drawn and coloured various characters from spiderman! I had drawn spidey in a climbing pose and stuck him on the wall so that it looked like he was climbing up the wall to reach the poster of a football player that I had stuck close to the ceiling. In another pose, I had drawn, coloured and cut out spidey and stuck him on the wall so that it looked like he was swinging on his web that was dangling from Kajol's earring! (yes, I have a poster of Kajol, there's nothing to smirk at!). Then of course, there was Venom who looked like he was perched comfortably right on top of my periodic table. Daredevil was also featured and it looked like he was trying to reach out and cpature The Vulture! Marvel Comics galore on one wall of my room! Another storyline to look at! Other than those, there were two mercedes benz posters, a dennis the menace poster and loads of signs on my room door warning people to keep out! I put in a lot of effort to decorate my room with such love and care.

But why?

Most certainly not to make it more appealing to visitors! :P That's the last thing a teenager wants! People in the room... The signs on my door spoke out loud and clear that access was restricted.I did what I did not only because I love to draw and paint, but also because decorating my room like that transformed the room into my "home within home", my own personal temple, you could say. It was a place that was specifically mine, that was personalized, which defined me and most importantly, where I loved spending time.

But that was back in school. Life has changed since then and now I no longer have one constant room that I can call my own. My ambition to pursue science at any cost has taken me away from home, given me many different rooms in the hostel and now again, it is taking me to a new place to start over fresh again.

My life is now defined by changes. And in this ever changing life, I guess my blog has become my new "room".

No wonder I am drawn to decorate it and personalize it. It makes me feel at home, even when I am away from home :)

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Clueless said...

That makes perfect sense! I didn't really think about it that way, but you're right. This is one place that no matter where you go, you can come back to and feel a sense of familiarity.

But if we take that concept, I don't know why I feel the urge to change my layout and make my blog look different so often! Maybe I'm so used to moving around that I need some sort of change constantly to make me feel comfortable! :P