Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home, at last!

I thought today was going to be a crappy day. And all I wanted was to be done with it...

I wanted to get up in the morning, chat with my family and clueless online, then just spend a normal saturday, cooking myself something good and enjoying the cloudy weather from home (probably with a plate of hot pakodas!). But I had to go out. I desperately needed to buy some clothes for winter. The consoling factor was that I was going to be in the company of a good friend. But Ady (who is actually "tingu" from one of the earlier posts but protested against her nick) said she wouldn't be able to join us. And shopping without Ady, that wasn't what I wanted. We had been planning this for a long time now and I needed her to help me out

Anyways, I set off to the store to search for winter clothes. There was a good selection of stuff, but I was still lost in my own world, not entirely focused on the task at hand. Then one phone call changed the rest of my day.

Ady called. Her day was beginning to look up. Within half an hour, she was by my side and I had a wide grin on my face! :P From there on, the most ordinary day turned into something very special to me!

So what did I do today? Here's the full extent of it...

- Bought the most amazing leather jacket which looks totally awesome! (my first ever leather jacket!)

- Bought a sweater top in a colour and fit that I never thought I would wear. Looks like Macho Girl really is turning to Girly Girl! Clueless, CS and Soleil, you'd be so totally proud of me if you saw what I got! Even though its something very simple, I fell in love with it instantly!

- Bought 3 identical T-shirts for Halloween for me, Ady and my room mate to wear on Halloween. Bright orange T-shirts with glitter on them... I surprise myself a lot!

- Ate the most awesome lunch at a buffet. Included idli, pongal, vada, butter masala dosa, pulav, mango ice cream and more!

- Had an amazing conversation over lunch with two very good friends (yet to find an appropriate nick for one of them!). Loads of leg pulling. All good fun :)

- Found all kinds of useful things in a Dollar Tree store... Kitchen towels, scrubbers, cleaning liquid, etc etc etc.

- Completed my mega grocery shopping for the month with Ady! Haha, just kidding. This cant last all month, we will need to pick up veggies later. But it was most satisfying to go around the Indian grocery store with Ady and pick out all kinds of amazing food to cook. Now that I have learnt to love cooking (understatement of the century!), grocery shopping became a more meaningful experience. Now we have loads of veggies, fruits, paneer, namkeen, parle G, taj mahal tea etc etc... food life is going to be exciting for us!

- Saw that my second paycheck has been deposited into my account!

- Realised that in spite of doing all kinds of fun stuff here, I am actually saving quite a bit of money!

- Made gobi manchurian with Ady. Rather, she made it and I assisted. Turned out pretty good!

- Had a pot luck dinner with the indian community in advance for Diwali. Our gobi manchurian was the best! :D

- Had a very entertaining time playing Dumb Charades with the aforementioned community

and finally

- walked into my apartment which suddenly felt like home... after a long long time...

Its amazing how much satisfaction a productive day can bring to your life.

But its even more amazing how drastically your life changes when you find good friends to care about (and who care about you in return!)

Dallas is beginning to feel like home... finally! :)


simplime said...

amazin to read this post...really...felt damn good :) read mine...looks like we had a similar day :)

Clueless said...

Yay to finally starting to feel "at home" in your new home! Always the best feeling, isn't it?

But the most important thing I took away from your post? PONGAL! Aw, man. I miss it so much! Totally going to binge on it when I go home this time!