Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Chef

So over the course of the past one week, I have made pulav (with raitha to go with it), kadi, rasam, sambar, bhendi curry, potato bajji (not bhaaji), pongal etc etc. I have also hosted at least 4-5 get togethers in my place, one of which was for celebrating pongal and I single handedly managed to cook for 10 people (yes you heard that right, 10 people!) within 40 minutes! I have come a long way from being the timid girl who used to take 2 hours to cook beans to a whirlwind who can whip up a full course meal in less than an hour! :D

Its only a matter of time before this blog starts seeing recipes from creative arsenal of this budding chef :P:P

But for now, let me not get too ahead of myself! ;)

And the inspiration for this sudden enthusiasm in cooking? Why, its gymming of course! I've been working out for atleast 1 hour each day and considering I invest so much time in keeping myself fit, I thought it would be good to complement that with healthy food instead of eating out. Now I finally know what a balanced diet is :)

Here's to remaining a health freak for as long as I can!


Polite Paul said...

Me too had started cooking and Gymming. After a few weeks the enthusiasm for the former stopped. Only cooking remained. Now I am 5 kilos more than when i started gymming :(

Shweta said...

Ooh awesome, now put up some of those recipes! The best part of that is that you'll know exactly what to mention (read every little detail) so hostelites with inadequate resources can follow.

doublehead said...

yeh tho honaee tha! It was only a matter of time. Naturally comes from a family of great cooks!! A full course in an hour, now that is called efficiency in the kitchen. Any dish, if cannot cooked in 45 minutes to one hour, it is not worthy of cooking, that is my motto.