Saturday, February 05, 2011

Playful decision

I had gone to visit some family friends for dinner this Saturday. Their 4 year old grand daughter was there with them. She loves to have guests over and so was excited to see me there. After spending some time talking to her grand mother, I noticed that she was trying very hard to attract my attention. So I went to her. She looked very worried

Me: Hey there! What are you doing?

Little girl: Nothing much, I want to play now

Me: Alright, that sounds like fun! Let's play!

Little girl: But I can't play!

Me: Why not???

Little girl: I have so many games and toys, I can't decide what to play with!

Me: Pick your most favourite toy and we will play with that!

Little girl: But all of them are my favourite

Me: Then close your eyes and just pick one toy and we will play

Little girl: If I close my eyes, then how can I pick something without seeing it? You are not helping me at all!

Me: *stunned silence*

Little girl: I feel very stressed out. So much to play and so little time!

Aaaaaah..... to be a little kid again, where the only worry in the world is not being able to decide what to play! :) :) :)


doublehead said...

Quite an interesting conversation with a stressed out child. Too many options is not a good thing. Of course, children are tough to convince compared to adults, I had been there, believe me!

Project Tiny Outreach said...

simplime said...

if you think about it...we are all little kids in this regard...having so much to decide from...just that the decisions are a lot more complex (at least complex compared to what we think of the toys...m sure the lil one finds them equally complex :))...wish life was simpler...without so many options...