Sunday, April 21, 2013

How do you like your eggs?

I met this interesting girl once when I was out. We got into a conversation and she was telling me about herself, her life goals and ambitions, personal and professional. As far as personal goals went, she said she had just one goal - to find out how she likes her eggs in the morning. I looked at her for a second, wondering if she was being serious about it, then I realized she was making a reference, she didn't literally mean that her only goal in life was to figure out how she wanted her eggs. I am still surprised I understood the reference, given that I have watched "The Runaway Bride" only once!

For those of you who haven't watched the movie or who don't remember this reference, the movie is about Julia Roberts dating one guy after another, moulding herself to suit each guy's needs and then running out on the wedding at the last minute. Richard Gere calls her out on her BS and confronts her by saying, she loses herself so much in these men that she doesn't even know how she likes her eggs because she always gets the same kind of eggs that the man she is dating at the time gets.

The girl I met was using this reference to tell me that she has been catering to the needs of the people she has been in relationships with that she feels like she has lost her identity and need to reclaim that before she does anything else with her personal life. It made complete sense to me and I respected her a lot for that.

That conversation made me look at myself, my tastes and choices and I realize that on several matters, my choices have been very much affected by the people around me, this gets esepcially worse when I am in a relationship or with a very close friend. I am beginning I don't know how I like my eggs in the morning, I need to figure it out.

What got me thinking about this conversation that was had long long ago was the scent that greeted me as I entered my apartment today after stepping out for a while. It was a pleasant, cherry-flavoured scent that seemed to have a cheerful and perky connotation to it. It made me happy and it made me smile. The reason my apartment smells so damn good is because I have become a huge fan of scented candles. And all these months, I have been buying candles that have a flowery scent to them, which is awesome, I love flowery scents. But a few weeks back, I saw a few candles that were on sale for half price. I looked at the scents they had, they were all very fruity - Cherry, plums, strawberries etc etc. I picked up the black cherry candle and smelled it. I was surprised at how good it was! I stayed away from all scents fruity because an old friend of mine, with whom I used to spend a lot of time, hated fruity scents, and so I stayed away from them too. Over time, it became a habit. But that's not really me, I don't mind fruity, under a certain limit! My apartment smells awesome!

Lots of choices I have made are because of the people in my life and now I am spending time reevaluating those choices and testing them all to see if it really suits me. Sometimes the answer is a yes, for example, I started using Aussie brand conditioner because a very good friend of  mine recommended it, when I started dating, my ex had told me that was her favorite conditioner. So I started using it. After my ex and I broke up, I switched to a different conditioner but it didn't take me long to realize that Aussie actually is really effective for frizzy hair. Aussie is here to stay.

Doctor Who, may or may not stay, not sure on the verdict for that

Walking Dead is out. It scares me too much

Knitting, may or may not stay, there are some days when I am in the mood to knit, but it takes too long to finish a project and while I do find it rewarding at times, it isn't always as rewarding as I am lead to believe.

Oreos had taken a hiatus because my ex hated them, now they are back on my coffee table

Full cream milk is back

Diet coke is out. Dr. Pepper shall never darken my doorstep (or kitchen) again!

I will get myself a kitten in a few months, being a cat person does not make me evil.

When my phone is due for an upgrade, I will get another android, I will not be swept up in the iPhone craze because I am more comfortable with a droid.

Back to being indifferent about zombies (its not going to happen, y'all. Its not biologically possible)

Back to being indifferent about vampires (meh, too many vampire shows and movies, even when I don't count Twilight)

Back to using mushrooms, onions and garlic in my cooking! Yay!!!

Back to watching the Justice League, Bones, Mythbusters and Bollywood movies

Back to jamming out to Linkin Park on my drive to work

Back to making travel plans to expand my fridge magnet collection with more states to add on!

Back to 1000 piece puzzles

Back to fiction books

Back to blogging (I hope!)

Back to being me!!!!

And P.S.: I like my morning eggs fried over-hard :) Runny yolk bothers me, it needs to be cooked solid!


double head said...

"It's only when I lose myself with someone else that I find myself" cannot be correct.

"It's only when I know how I want my morning eggs, that I find myself" is more appropriate?

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