Sunday, October 30, 2005

Do you know me?

just spent God knows how long going through various blogs. I picked random people and went through their posts. I realised something then. Every post seems to say something about the person! It was almost like taking a little peek into a really small aspect of their life! When i started blogging, i did it just for me to share some incredible experiences, or really hilarious ones. I never realised that there maybe someone out there reading every post of mine quietly and actually getting to know one side of Macho Girl...
It is not exactly a scary thought in anyway. At least not to me. But this session reading other posts was fun and enlightening.
I have not blogged much. I just started a few months back. But even with my so far incredibly low number of posts, i can't help but wonder...
Do my posts say anything about me to you? Do you know me???


puttas said...

darling darling darling...and so much like me...these are the things that i see in ur blogs...macho girl... u r a sofite.. probably not that macho after all eh? u r awesome nice(say it like gani does!) basically u r priceless and no amount of words are enough to describe you... u r a lovable girl and believe me i will dress u up and put full make up to make u look the softie u really are! LUV YA! KEEP BLOGGING!!!

Clueless said...

quite an interesting post... its true that each blog reflects the blogger's personality...even if they try and keep it hidden, to some extent. Its quite nice going abt reading other blogs, cuz it gives u so many different perspectives on life itself... puttas said above, ur blog tells me that ur not really as 'macho' as u might seem to be, and that ur a really sensitive person. of course, this might be cuz i know u personally...:P

puttas basically said everything there is to be i think it'll suffice if i say...ditto!! :)

i really thought this was an interesting topic...i know u have loads more in mind...keep blogging and let them all out in the open!!

Macho Girl said...

Puttas and Anusha,
I was surprised at the comments u guys had left!! I guess my blogs reveal a side of me that even i am not in touch with!!! i shud meet this softie macho girl sometime!! ;)
But basically i think u guys rock and r more awesome than i am !!:P

Plz try to introduce me to this Softie Macho girl sometime!!!