Saturday, October 22, 2005

The GYM.... Finally!!!!!!!!!!

I was never a body-builder... I still am not a body builder.... I had never been to the gym in my entire life. I hadn't even seen one (except for in movies). But things were to change when i came to Singapore and stayed in a hostel which has good gym facilities...
I was really excited when i first found that my hostel had gym facilities. I decided that I would definitely join and go there to work out on a regular basis. My friend Clueless also seemed to be thinking along the same lines.. well... we needed some exercise, didn't we?
So it was all decided. We paid $10 and became gym members. And we remained so for the next one month. Just members of the gym mind you.... NOT USERS.
I guess something or the other came in the way. It was always one excuse after another as to why we shouldn't go to the gym. Time passed on in this fashion.
One fine day, it happened. We finally made up our minds that we would go to the gym. Come what may. I don't remember what exactly made us decide out of the blue that we would go to the gym!! But whatever it was, the decision was made. We would go to the gym that evening.
As evening approached, i guess we got pretty hesitant all of a sudden. Neither of us had used a gym before and we weren't sure how to use it now.
We somehow managed to force ourselves to walk right upto the gym door. We stopped right outside that huge piece of wood and stared at it for a while. All i wanted to do at that point was to turn back and just walk away.
Clueless was not so ready to give up so easily. All I can do now is to thank God that clueless just pushed me into the gym through those doors. If not, i would still be a mere "member".
We made our entry. We signed in. Then we just stood staring at all the equipment. We had no idea whatsoever as to where to begin!
Fortune was on our side that evening. We spotted a friend of Clueless, whom we knew as a regular visitor to the gym. We went straight to her to ask for help. I guess the way we had dressed up that day for the gym was self evident that we were um... "gym virgins" (as we were called). That girl actually thought that Clueless and I had come from a party or something!! She thought we had dressed to party!!
Soon we became familiar with several of the equipments, thanks to that friend of Clueless. We learnt to use the Cycle, treadmill, a few weights, etc.
Gym was not bad! it was actually fun! It is fun when you go with a gym partner. We don't just get to exercise our muscles, but also our sense of humour by watching and observing the weird things a few people do in the gym!!!
Now a days, i try to go atleast once a week to the gym. I try to go whenever time permits and when I have the energy to go. I have always had fun in the gym thanks to Clueless, who has a priceless sense of humour and ever bubbling enthusiasm (a "gym" enthusiasm which seems to possess her whenever we enter the gym!!!) This is the best way for me to keep fit!!!


Clueless said...

awww! macho girl, ur the sweetest!!

gym's great fun when ur around...i just looove watching the weird things everyone does there...BMW, anyone?? ;)

hope we get to go to the gym more often...and hope there are enough freaky people there to keep us busy!! :D

AnN@ said...

i'm definitely getting membership next sem :p

Macho Girl said...

i also hope v get to gym more often!!! but its kinda hard isn't it, with our weird schedule??? either u r loaded with work, or i am... but i guess we will figure a way out!:D

U better get a gym membership next sem!!! we can all go together and invade the gym!!! :P