Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Movie Marathon!!!

It was a Friday night... We had just crossed the first hurdle of University life (the academic part!).... My friends and i had slogged our way through the first set of mid term exams. We stayed awake late and got up early and temporarily suspended all of our usual activites. Our schedule was so hectic then, that we even stopped having our meals at the food court like we used to before! we would just pack our food from there and eat it in our rooms. I guess you can imagine how things were then!!!
Let me introduce you to the "we" that i have been writing about. There were four of us totally.
1. Clueless: Don't get fooled by the name! Not always clueless. She is a life science gal who had an additional exam at around the same time that the rest of us had our core module exams... the girl who knows everything about ET!!!! (ET PHONE HOME!!!!). Also a fan of a dish called "vegetarian Hor Fun" and likes to use chopsticks while eating it (how does she do that!!)
2. Cookie Monster: Name is self explanatory. A girl who would do anything to have good cookies. Muffins and brownies (especially Rocky Road Brownies!!!) will also do... and not to mention the Blueberry chewy!!! Also a life science gal who had jus finished her Economics mid term (Ram had 5 chocolates, shyam had 10! if Ram sold Shyam 3 Chocolates, what would his profit margin be!!!)
3. Oreo Cream: Ok.. here the name is not self explanatory. Our Malaysian friend who is another life science gal and well... likes oreos!! (who doesn't??!!) My partner in our one week experiment to try to be vegetarian (in which, might I mention, We both failed miserably!!!). The one who introduced Clueless to Hor Fun!!!
4. Macho girl: That would be me... whether or not the name is self explanatory... i leave it to the readers.. Also a life science girl. Also know as IT by clueless (ET PHONE IT!!!).
We managed to get through our exam week in one piece.. Our last exam was on a Monday (for ET it was tuesday). The following days till friday went on in classes. I guess all of us were too busy to freak out after the exams got over.. However on Friday evening, we decided that something had to be done..
It was on our way back to our rooms after dinner that we decided that we would watch a movie! Oreo cream and Clueless came to my room to check out the movies that i had with me. We decided to watch "my fair lady" as Oreo cream hadn't seen that movie yet.
We started off with the movie. Three of us were sitting on one bed and trying to watch the movie on my laptop (whose screen seemed to have shrunk all of a sudden!!!). The sound was bad and we couldn't catch the hilarious dialogues. So i went to get speakers from a friend of mine. Once the speakers were on... we were on a roll!!! nothing could stop us now from enjoying our new found freedom!!!
After the first CD got over, Oreo Cream decided to visit her room and she came back with oreo's for all of us!!! What delight! Sitting and munching our favourite snack while wacthing a good movie with good friends! Soon Cookie monster joined us! she was busy till then... When she did join us, she also brought some goodies to eat!!!
The movie went on with all of us laughing at the exchanges between the Professor and Eliza and went ga-ga over Freddy Einsforhill, wondering why didn't Eliza choose to marry that handsome young man!!!
All too soon this movie got over... Oreo Cream and Cookie monster decided it was time for them to leave. It was 1am by then! But the movie marathon was by no means over! Cookie monster left my room with a prediction that clueless and I would stay up and watch "The incredibles". We really didn't mean to watch that movie... i guess we were weak!!! We started out thinking that we would watch just one CD of it... Just one... not more...
You might have guessed by now what happened.. we ended up watching the entire movie till 3am! it was too late for clueless to get back to her room.. so she decided to camp in my room.. We went to sleep wondering what Cookie Monster would say when she met us on Saturday and found out that her prediction was true..
When we met her the next day, we found that she had been on a longer movie marathon than us!! She ended up watching "the sound of music"!!! (i guess clueless and I were better in this aspect! we settled for a one and half hour movie rather than a 3 hour movie!)
It had been a wonderful night... After a long time, we finally felt a bit relieved... No more exams for a few more weeks, no more deadlines for a while.... it was a nice change.. I guess this marathon will be another experience in my life which goes into the treasure chest containing my most cherished memories!!!! A wonderful evening with wonderful friends watching an amazing classic!!! Hope to do that again sometime soon!!!


Clueless said...

hey macho girl...

just wanted to say something...

'That was tooootally WICKED!!' ;)

wow...what an incredible night..i wish we had time to do stuff like that more often...but we get drowned in DNA and enzymes and lipids far too often for that, i guess!!

well...great blog..keep 'em coming, girl! :)

and here's to loads more movie marathons...and oh, to veggie Hor Fun!! :D

Anonymous said...

hey macho girl
great blog..we should do movie marathons more often..but beware of the cookie monster

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, makes me wonder why anyone would want to grow up when you can have so much fun in college life, that too hostel life. Hmmmmm, I can dream now, can't I. Did Einstein tell us about how to turn the clock back, I guess he did n't. Otherwise he would have done it on himself!!!! Too bad

puttas said...

hey macho girl
That sounded like fun! oh the joy of watching a movie after exams is kinda unexplainable. And that with ur closest friends, that is even better. i am wondering, Where the hell was I?

oreo cream said...

u actually blogged abt me?!! :p i had lotsa fun! wish i had stayed for The Incredibles haha. we'll definitely have another movie marathon again next time ;)

Macho Girl said...

I also hope that u will continue to find some time to have movie marathons with me!! i love them!! they r real fun esp when u r around!!!:D

#Oreo cream
How can i not blog abt u!!! I had lots of fun on our movie marathon night!!! it was jus Louverly!!!!:P