Thursday, November 10, 2005

Music for the soul...

Ahh.. music... I just can not imagine life without it... to me life has been about music. I can listen to just about any type of music and don't generally complain. Be it english, hindi, tamil or even german and french for that matter! As long as it has a good tune.... its fine with me (i used to have "Sensible lyrics" as a criteria.. but if i continue to keep that, i don't think i would have a playlist of my own!!!)

Back at home, i used to have a balance between the english songs and the desi songs that i used to listen to. Life was just complete... But somehow since i came to Singapore, I lost that balance! I started listening to english songs only most of the time! I have no idea why i did that... Initially i didn't feel anything missing. But try listening to just english songs for over a month! You will eventually find that something is missing in your life, the way i felt around last week. I tried a variety in english songs... It didn't help. No matter what i listened to.. there was always something missing. I couldn't quite put my finger on what that was... Apparently i was not the only one bored with my playlist.. Clueless was also just as bored with her english playlist! We were on the same boat!

Then all of a sudden, I got the inspiration from a chat session that i had with my dad to dig out some of my old desi favourites and listen to them! We were discussing the lyrics from different tamil songs and their translations... Thats when i realized how much i was missing all the desi songs.

Since then Clueless and I had been on a hunting spree for our favourites. You should see the conversations that we have had over the past few days! Its all about desi songs! I got to listen to my own list of favourites and discovered many more beautiful songs from her playlist!

For a couple of days now, i have been listening to a mix of tamil and hindi songs. Now somehow... nothing is missing anymore! I don't listen to music now with the dissatisfied feeling that used to fill me up when i was listening to my western playlist.

What is it that makes desi songs so special??? Well.. I have no idea.. All i can do is guess. Perhaps its the tune. Maybe its the lyrics (in some cases!). Or probably its just the language! I have somehow found Hindi and Tamil to be more musical languages than the english language! Some messages are best conveyed in these languages... and what better way to convey them than in the form of music? Perhaps thats what makes desi songs so special...

I love all the songs that clueless has on her playlist... But here are some of my own!

  • Kishore Kumar's Dil Kya Kare and Hum Bewafa (Instant Karma's version is also not bad... Shaan has done a good job)
  • Tu hi re and kehna hi kya from the movie Bombay
  • Gori Teri Aankhen by Lucky Ali and Kavitha Krishnamurthy (gosh.. i almost forgot how much I used to be crazy about that song!)
  • Tera Mera Pyaar by Bombay Vikings (melodious duet and one desi song where I don't mind english lyrics)
  • Ek tu hi bharosa from Pukar
  • Krishna by the Colonial Cousins (remember them??? :D)
  • Dhaani by strings
I think i better stop here... I think most of my posts are already too long! If i write about all the songs on my list, this post will be never ending! But i guess the bottom line is that i have never appreciated desi music before, the way i do now.

My life is complete once again.... and i couldn't be happier :)

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clueless said...

damn girl!! i would've added all those songs, had i the inclination to go on and on!! ;)

great great playlist...Tu Hi Re and Gori Teri Aankhen esp..the former is one of my aaaall time favourites!!! is gooood now, isnt it??

dil kya kare, jab Clueless ko,
Hindi gaano se pyaar ho jaaye!! ;)