Friday, November 18, 2005

The night before EXAM

My bed looked uninviting for the first time in my life... that too early in the morning!!!

Exam nerves... can be pretty annoying at times. I still can't figure out why I suffer from them time and time again. This time was the worst case ever for me. Probably because this was my first exam in university.... Symptoms were the strangest ever! Some of them worked out just fine, but some.... well... don't ask!!

Events happening since last night have been so surprising. Ever since i came here to university, i have always slept well in the nights. The minute my head hits the pillow, i fall asleep. It does not matter when that wonderful moment is... i somehow always tire myself out around here so much that any form of sleep is welcome. But last night was quite a different story. I was tired alright! I was dead tired after a full day of studying. In fact i was forced to close my books out of sheer exhaustion. So i close everything, clear my bed of all the junk, turn off the lights then lie down.

15minutes pass by.... I am still awake. I try my best to put myself to sleep. I twist and turn as i try to find a comfortable position. I try to fill my head with pleasant and peaceful thoughts.... Not really working..

30 minutes pass by... I am still awake... I am a bit worried now. I need atleast 7 hours of sleep. I have set my alarm to 6:30am. If i don't fall asleep soon, i will have to settle for less... (C'mon girl!!! go to sleep!!!you are feeling sleepy... sleepy.... sleepy... SLEEP....!!!!)

An hour crawls by.... I am still awake... Now I am desperate. I somehow just have to fall asleep! This will never do. I lie down on my back with my arms to my side and pretend to be dead... i believe that is called "shavasana" in terms of yoga. I maintain this for a while... finally, I drift off into an uncomfortable sleep.

A couple of my friends had told me a few days ago, that a thunderstorm had woken them up. All the rain and the thunder and the works... I slept like a baby through that... It pretty much describes me. There are only 2 ways to wake me up in the morning. First way... ask my mom! she knows what to do! Alternate method, the sound of my alarm clock. Nothing else is effective. A raging storm which woke half my hostel mates up didn't wake me up at all!!! So you can imagine what a sound sleeper i am! But this morning... it didn't take a thunderstorm to wake me up. I woke up way before my alarm rang. You will never guess what woke me up. It was the chirping of a little birdie outsie my window!! Just the soft chirping of a little birdie woke me up by 6:00am! I could not go back to sleep after that. So i just lay waiting for my alarm to ring. You may ask why didn't i just get up and get on with the day... But for me its like an unwritten rule

"Thou shalt not get out of bed, under any circumstance, before your alarm rings."

The alarm rings and i get out of bed and turn it off. This in itself is surprising. I normally set my alarm half an hour before the target time because i keep switching it to snooze mode and snuggle up and go back to sleep. This time, i look at the snooze button, then i turn back and look at my bed. It looks just the same way it does each morning. A nice soft pillow, a blanket and a comfortable bed. THAT LOOKED UNAPPEALING TO ME THIS MORNING! :-O i still can't get over the fact that i woke up before my alarm rang and chose not to go back to sleep! I actually got up and started studying again! I normally always doze off when i study in the morning... ALWAYS! This was the first time i didn't!

I finally got ready to leave for the exam. I needed to grab breakfast before i left, so i went to the food court where i met clueless. I bought my sandwich and out of sheer nerves gobbled everything up before clueless managed to! She is normally faster than me and she had also almost finished her first sandwich when i bought mine! I must have eaten at the speed of light. Another sign of exam nerves for me. After breakfast, we left for the exam.

Don't even ask how it was. Lets just settle for "not so great". We decided to cheer ourselves up by pigging out on burgers. So we binged to console ourselves...

Now i am thinking... There was no point in me losing sleep over this exam... i didn't do well anyway... might have as well gotten enough sleep to start preparing for the next one...

Darn those exam nerves!


Clueless said...

hehe...the lunch was even quicker than the breakfast!! i dont know how u did it, but i bow down to u, oh New Queen of Speed-Eating...teach me ur tricks!! :D

on bed never fails to appeal to me...i dont think it ever will...and the day it loses its charm will be the day Clueless will know she's in over her head! ;)

AnN@ said...

don't worry Macho girl, everybody can't sleep once in a while and exams are the most common reason, at least for students :p lunch was nice :) i don't even wanna try to compete w you to see who eats faster! eating too fast is bad... you'll get indigestion! chew dudette, chew ;)

Anonymous said...

Hehe...u know what..even I can always wait for my alarm to ring even though I wake up way earlier at times !! lol..newayz..don't wory too much abt the exams..they are part n parcel of life...they will come n go!! hehe..all the best ! Luv,H2O.

Macho Girl said...

Speed-eating?? me?? :"> well... i guess i get kinda hungry now-a-days!.. and abt ur bed.. maybe it will fail to appeal u if u keep it hopelessly messy! but then again... i don't think u mind sleeping on the floor! or do u?! :D

i chew at the speed of light!!! besides i am not in for eating competitions either! i like to enjoy my food.. especially when its McDonaaalds!!!;)

*sigh* life of exams...its ok.. maybe i was nervous coz it was the first exam.. thats all! :D