Monday, November 28, 2005

The Perfect Gift

It is not an irritating thing... I actually sometimes enjoy it... but there are several times when it can become annoying...

I am talking about finding that "perfect" gift for someone whom you love, whether its your parents, your best friend, or anyone who means a lot to you. I have always found it difficult to get that "perfect" gift for that someone special in my life.

When it is the time near the birthday of that special person, or any other occasion like friendship day, mother's day, father's day, anniversaries etc, you know it is time you hit the mall to find a nice present for the person. It has to be perfect. It has to satisfy your conditions on how the gift should be. It doesn't matter if you spend the entire day roaming around every shopping mall or every commercial area in the city, searching for that gift. It just has to be THE gift.. if you know what i mean! I have done it so many times.

Most of the times it is not all that difficult to find the gift you are looking for. Very often you end up making a mental note when the person for whom you are buying the gift remarks on something that he or she finds attractive, then go and get it some other day, as long as you feel it will make the person happy (and as long as it is affordable... what will you do if your friend desires a Mercedes Benz??? :O) But there are times when searching for the gift can become slightly annoying. As you look through the shops, you keep turning down articles one after another, finding some flaw or the other with them. These are the times when you can get quite irritated with yourself and your inability to make up your mind! Either there are so many things you want to get and you can't settle for one, or there is absolutely nothing that you can find!

It is in such situations that I have pondered over this "perfect" gift mania that I have had all these years and still have! I sometimes really wonder why do I even bother to go through so much of trouble roaming around till I find some article which would just be "perfect". Is it to express my love for someone? Is it a way of telling someone "i care"? I don't think these are the reasons for my quest for the perfect gift... Material objects are not necessary to tell someone you care. Sometimes the other person just knows. Your behaviour, your attitude, your actions just speak out loud, whether you want them to or not. They are sufficient to let someone know how much you care.

Or are they?

I still don't know the answer to this question. I guess if I were to be completely honest with myself, my mania for "perfect" gifts is just to show the person that i care. I know that I just said that gifts are not all that essential to express your feelings. But I guess deep down somewhere, I always worry.. "what if this person doesn't know that I truly care and that I will always be there whenever he/she needs me?", "what if this person does not understand how much he/she means to me?" And to me, gifts seem to be the best way to express myself. I guess that is why I am so picky when it comes to shopping for the perfect gift. It has to convey a sincere message from me. Whether I say it or not, the gift should tell the person on my behalf about how much I care. The gift should be something that the person would cherish and which would remind the person that I will always be there for him/her. Anytime, anywhere.

This is just my theory on the "perfect" gift mania that has taken over me. I am not sure if its correct.

But whether or not it is, I guess the smile and happiness that lights up the face of the person who gets the gift from you is a good enough reason to raid everyt shop in town, just to find the perfect gift, to see the perfect smile and the perfect happiness on the face of that someone special in your life.... Don't you think so? Have you ever been bitten by the "perfect" gift bug???


Smrithi said...

hey macho girl..
so totally agree.. here i am up at 3 in the nite workin on some stupid case and all i can think of is what to buy for this friend of mine whose birthday it is! imagine this is the pre mall stage.. i can imagine the mall effect. oh yea and after wrappin the gift.. the wondering.. is this the perfect gift.?????? the mystery continues!

Clueless said...

totally agree...searching for the perfect gift can be a perfect pain in the butt sometimes! and i know what u mean by wanting to find the 'perfect' gift to tell the person u care...sometimes, gifts can say a lot of things u cant say urself!!

Bday time is nearing again...and I have no idea what to get all these people! especially now that i'm going home, i have to find something suitable to give all the people back there...2nd is going to be one heck of a day!! Mustafa...prepare to be raided!!!

Macho Girl said...

haha... i totally forgot about the pre mall stage... and the post mall stage where you sit and wonder if you shud have bought something else! i guess you just won't feel satisfied until u see that smile on the person's face!

Yeah.. time to buy gifts for the people back at home! This topic struck me last night when i was thinking about our pending mustafa trip... i also need to buy stuff for ppl back home and i have no idea what to get!

AnN@ said...

dudette, though i have never taken the logic module before, i think you will get an A for that blog post :D i'm pretty sure everyone goes through it at some time or the other. if its not finding the perfect gift to buy, its thinking of the perfect card or gift to make (when you're cash-strapped) i've been through the latter many times. Sometimes its just a simple card made by you specially for that special person that means the most ;)

Anonymous said...

Agreed that finding a perfect gift is difficult. But why does the gift have to be perfect? Nothing can be perfect 100%! Just the idea that someone cares and remembers makes the person who receives the gift happy. If a person cares just for the type of gift and not the sentiments behind (which are usually expressed through our regular behaviour towards that person), then he/she is not worth spending the money or taking the trouble to buy a gift!!

double head said...

I know someone who would not mind a mercedes benz for a present. I can see all the 32 teeth, or whatever is left of it after the dentists visits...............

he he he

Macho Girl said...

hmmm.. maybe i should consider taking a logic module next sem!!!

Yeah.. this is another aspect i forgot to mention in the blog post... Making a gift for someone with your own hands can be much more satisfying than roaming about malls... not to mention lighter on the purse!! :P I have always found it pretty rewarding to make a small pencil sketch and give that as a present... makes it more personalized doesn't it??

I know that it is more important for that someone special to know that I care and that i need not give the "perfect" gift to send the messaged across... but i still maintain that seeing the smile and happiness on that person's face when he/she opens the gift is a reward that makes all the effort worth it.. don't u think???

#double head
hahaha... a mercedes benz indeed!!! hmm... makes a nice present... :D i most certainly would not mind one! :P

Vijay Chidambaram said...

Yea, finding the perfect gift is diff.. coz the perfect gift`s price range is way up there! So usually what happens is all of us pool our resources to get that perfect gift!