Saturday, January 28, 2006

Egg-jactly my point!

I wonder how they do that in Discovery Kids.... They take an egg, and show how easily it can be broken by squeezing it from the sides, but how hard it is when u squeeze it lengthwise! Strange... I learnt quite a different lesson today.... (ok ok.. this is my way of saying I had a clumsy and embarassing moment today! :">)

Its Chinese New Year. A huge festival around here. Most shops and food courts will be closed.. so everyone's advice..... STOCK UP! That's exactly what clueless and I did. We stocked up. And today our freshest stock came in. Eggs and Bread.

After the purchase, we came back to my room and I left the parcels on the bed. We had lunch and then later on, I sat surfing the net. Afterwhile I decided that I was pretty tired and wanted to sleep for a while. The weather was exceptionally hot today afternoon and I was exceptionally full after lunch! Put 2 and 2 together.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz time!

But my bed was a mess. I needed to clear everything from it. Not too difficult. Dump the clothes in my wardrobe, the vessels on the table, the bread on the table too.. and finally the eggs... By then my table was too full to hold anything. And I was too lazy to find place in the fridge to keep the eggs. So as a temporary solution, I kept the eggs on my chair.

Yeah...I am sure you guessed what happened next.. its quite an easy guess especially if you know that I am a "not-so-smart" girl. I left the eggs (which were in their case) on the chair and happily went to sleep.

About an hour later, I realize that I had got an IM from someone. In all my sleepiness, I came to see who it was.. then the inevitable happened.. I sat on the box of eggs!!!! what happened after that??????


am sorry to say this to you clueless, but we'll be short of four eggs this weekend.. how does cheese spread sound to you instead??? ;)

My room was a huge mess... and stinked to high heavens, it still does stink.. come to think of it... I spent a lot of time wiping my chair, the floor, first with water, then with soap. Then segregating the broken eggs from the undamaged ones and finally washing a small patch of my bedsheet because I was stupid enough to get the egg yolk on that. Don't ask me how that happened. It just happened.

Here's a lesson for me today... comical stuff like breaking eggs by sitting on them, doesn't happen only in cartoons.. it CAN happen in real life... especially to people like me :">



Clueless said...

So typical!!! :D

And my God, I just realized...the way you write your posts, it seems like we're housemates or something!! Hehe, weird!!! Ah, well...we're ALMOST housemates, I guess.. :)

And oh, I expect full repayment for those 4 eggs that your butt conveniently squashed...asap!!! ;)

double head said...

how to study the anatomy of an egg?, rather eggs. sit on them??? na..... Poor chicken that laid them, must be wondering what happened to its chicks. Little it would realise that a Goliath sat on them. What egg-Xactly is the matter with the life science students. do they really have no respect for living things, my gosh. Hate think about what if it were not eggs and instead vanilla cream puffs.

double head said...

hey YOLK BUTT be careful in future about eggs in the room. Keep them away from disaster ZONE, namely your room and put them in the kitchen.

AnN@ said...

oh dear. i really don't know what to say! be more careful next time ya?

Cookie monster said...

when u suddenly called and asked for the floor cleaner i was wondering why u had the sudden urge to clean ur room..little did i know..hehe..oh and to double head...yolk butt is a really cute name

Macho Girl said...

thanks for the compliment! typical it seems... hah!!!! ;)

We are ALMOST housemates dudette! the only thing is we are housemates who live 2 blks away from each other :P

And if you expect full replacement for those eggs... well.. sorry to disappoint u mate... but the answer is NO! :D

#double head
thanks for the nickname. but it could have happened to anybody.. espcially when the room is filled with stocks of food to last me for 4 days. There's simply no place to keep food in my room and in my kitchen. I guess everyone's stocking up for the curfew.. no food stalls open, no shops open, no buses running.. *sigh*... by the way... Happy chinese new year!

i will be more careful! :P

#cookie monster
nice to see you around in my blog :) u shud come arnd more often :D

Well.. i really didn't have any urge to clean my room... u know me! :"> once in a while incidents like this force me to clean my room :D