Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wrong words, wrong time.....

One thing I have realized about myself... I very often manage to say the wrong things at the wrong time. Sometimes that produces a comical effect and I end up making everyone around me laugh, but other time it just makes me want to kick myself for having said those words at that particular point of time! The things I say are not too bad.. its just the wrong time to utter them. There is one particular incident which I am constantly reminded of, thanks to a particular photograph which I look at God knows how many times a day. Its there right in front of me most of the time when I am in my room!

It is a photograph of me and my friend. Both of us are grinning rather broadly, proudly showing all our teeth! At a glance, its quite a "toothy picture" (as someone once described it! It was also called GIB once by someone else.. but thats another story!). One day, my friend and I were going through all the pictures on my computer when we came across this particular one. We laughed at the "toothy" grins and then had a brief flashback of the time that picture was taken. This is where I ruined what should have been one of the sweetest comments ever from a friend, with my idiotic comment.

Friend: Wow... look at us grinning away to glory in that pic!

Me: Yeah.. i know!

Friend: Guess why I was grinning so broadly when this picture was taken!

(and here comes the words that spoilt it for both me and my friend)

Me: Hmmm... To show off the dracula teeth!!!!!!!!

Friend: Well.. no.. I was about to say that I was grinning so broadly because I was happy that I was standing next to a wonderful friend like you.

To many, this may seem like a cheesy conversation between friends. But in life, some amount of cheesiness is good. Thats what keeps me going! Even though she didn't quite say it the way she wanted to, knowing that she was about to say that she was grinning because she was happy to be with me meant a lot to me and was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me. I was touched by that statement because it is quite rare when someone comes upto you and says that you mean a lot to that person. I know that people say that in friendship, you don't have to declare how much your friend means to you because it is understood. But once in a while it feels nice to hear someone say the words. That doesn't make the friendship any less precious. It just makes the person hearing the good things from you feel good. No matter how "cheesy" the lines are. The whole "dracula teeth" thing from me kinda spoilt it. Now I wish I hadn't said those words at that particular moment. Maybe sometime later to pull her leg and tease her, they would have been appropriate. But my timing to utter those words was pretty rotten.

Incidents like this make me wonder.... why don't I ever think twice before I say something?????


AnN@ said...

its ok dudette, we all say things we regret later. you're no the only one who feels that way, trust me ;) i honestly feel that talking about dracula teeth isn't bad at all haha. i think i've said worse things though i can't remember any instances now :p chill k? nobody's perfect.

double head said...

Most of the time spontaneous response are the most sincere and true response a person can give. If one has to think twice or thrice to say or do something the spontaneity is totally lost and in all likely hood that is exactly opposite of what the person wanted to say or do in the first place. As long as words and actions do not hurt the other there is nothing wrong in saying or doing things spontaneously. A true friend would understand. Besides what is the big deal about "DRAGON TEETH" between friends? Being spontaneous is a virtue my dear and not a curse. It is not "wrong words...wrong time" but "spontanous words.....truth spoken"

double head said...

Is SORRY the right word for every goof up? If so, so many SORRYs need to be told in a life time, just like right now. SORRY

Clueless said...

Sometimes, we don't know what the other person is thinking. A joke that you think is really funny can sound pretty awkward if the receiving person isn't in the right mood. Similarly, you can never know if a person is being serious or not, until AFTER the whole conversation happens.

You don't know how many times I've pulled someone's leg and THEN found out they weren't in a particularly good mood to be the leg-pullee (you know what i mean :P)Don't beat yourself up about it...the good thing about friendship (really good friendship at that)is that more often than not, all parties are willing to take things cheerfully and in the right spirit.

Sorry about the lecture...I tend to ramble sometimes!!! :D

p.s.: I think 'Dracula teeth' are really sexy. Tom Welling has a pair!! Albeit not so big as some ppl we know, but they're there nonetheless!! :P