Saturday, March 25, 2006

Classical lunacy!!!

You know you have been in a literature module far too long when you and your friend start sending each other SMSs like this....

Note: The following messages were actual text messages exchanged between me and clueless. Every word is original and not lifted from anywhere. Proves the presence of the genius within us! Each message is accompanied with a loose translation and in some cases, just a comment (the messages were just to nonsensical in those cases! :P)

(a mini convo over SMS to decide on when we would go to the library to get some work done)

Clueless: Hast thou bathed, dearest?
(Have u gotten ur lazy self off the bed, brushed teeth n taken bath yet?)
Macho Girl: When do we depart to the house of books?
When r v going 2 the library?)
Clueless: As soon as we are done cleansing ourselves, my love!
As soon as v manage to finish bath u idiot!)
Macho Girl: Al cleansing! Prithee tell me, how may we cleanse our sins?
This is a nonsense question which I asked... guess I have been reading too much macbeth)
Clueless: Clear ur sins with soap n water my dear. Always the best solution :P
Garbage in, garbage out)
Macho Girl: All preparations are complete. We may depart when ur highness pleases. Till then, your loyal servant awaits your message.
(I am done with my bath. We'll leave as soon as u r done. Message me when u r ready)
Clueless: We may depart now, my loyal friend. Wouldst thou eat first n then proceed to the house of books?
(I finished bath. Lets leave now. Wanna eat first then go to library?)
Macho Girl: Anything that thou wishest, my lord. Thy wish is mine command. And I shall fight till death to carry out the command.
(Its upto you)
Clueless: So be it then! Let us leave now or forever be stuck in this God forsaken place!
(okie. Lets leave this damn room. Its a hot day!)
Macho Girl: As u wish, ur majesty!
(yeah ok)

A few more messages that passed around between us.. not mini convos like the first. Just a few individual messages

Where art thou?
(Where the heck are you? Been waiting for so long!! You are freakin' late!)

Where art thou, oh sweet love? I await restlessly the opportunity to gaze upon thy lovely face.
(Where are you man??? Now we are really late!!! Get here asap!!)

I was occupied in the cleansing act of a bath my love! I shall come online in a few minutes and answer ur query… till then… be patient!
(I was takin’ a bath. Be patient dude! I’ll come online and answer your question! Don’t wanna waste a message here)

I shalt leave now, my sweet love! But do not fret, for I shalt be back soon! Miss me not, oh fair one! We shalt meet again, yes we shalt!
(I am going out now. Don't start celebratin' so soon. I will be back!)

I was occupied in the beautiful art of sleep, but it would be an honour to dine with you, oh fair love! We shall meet in the garden outside the dining area in 5
(I was sleeping dude! You woke me up! Never mind. I'm hungry anyways. see ya at the food court in 5 mins)

I can hardly wait! I shalt see u outside the garden of food as the clock strikes 1! Be not late, my love!
(I am hungry. I'll see ya in the food court at 1. Be there!)

Oh my dear love! Might we be joined by the Miss XYZs today? The fair cousins provide quite some entertainment!
(Are cookie monster and H2O also comin’ for lunch? I cud use some chattering!) (no offense meant girls!!! :D)

I am outside the garden of food and await thy arrival
(I am outside the food court. haha! Beat ya!!! Come soon slow coach!)

Ah well... thats what happens I guess... when there is too much of Macbeth or Persuasion around....

Thus goest the tale of our humble stay upon this abode of knowledge. It bringeth with it, many a smile and many a tear. It maketh loons out of us divine creatures that crawl upon the rough path of life. I take you leave now... to embark on a new journeyin search for the cure of this lunacy. I shalt tread on land that no man darest to tread. I shalt overcome lunacy and dream of being sane yet again! Till then... farewell my dear'st readers. Lose not thy hope in my. I shalt see thy magnificent aura soon..

(Its just means that I didnt quite know how to conclude this post and decided to rant on a bit more with my ye olde english! Hope thou liketh this post!)


OuTlaW said...

hahaha... funny post.. i wonder wat we wud do without sms'es these days

Clueless said...

Aaaaaaah! There goes the image of sanity I was trying to maintain all this while. This really proves we're off our rockers, doesn't it? (Maybe we should lay off the 'my love' and 'dearest' and 'your majesty's for a while! :P)

I sent my brother a message in 'ye olde English', asking him to bring my water bottle when he next met me, and when he replied back saying "Thy wish is my command, m'lady", I was grinning like an idiot for 5 minutes straight. Guess it feels soothing to know there's someone other than us who likes to fool around once in a while!! :)

AnN@ said...

It wasn't so much the "olde English" that was funny but the translations! I think if your clustermates read this post they would confirm their suspicions about the two of you :p

Bharathy said...

haha!!! blog reading is fun and what do u expect one to do when u come across an exceptionally funny blog :-)) ?"Thou shalt come across a funny blog and whilst thou shall do so, thou art laugh till thine sides ached with pain " (haha howzzat??) if ur single blog on classics can do such damage to my scanty grey cells ,i can imagine what a course in English classics could do to thee :-)))

Anonymous said...

superb :-)

Macho Girl said...

smses have become an integral part of our student life now. Can't help it. though every once in a while, when i forget my phone somewhere, i feel liberated in a way. I hate mobile phones.

image of sanity? excuse me for a bit...


ahem. now where were we? ;)

lets hope none of them are reading this blog!!! :P

I remain in hope that thy stomach has recovered from the pain inflected by the mad laughing which this blessed blog hath caused! :D

thanks :)

parachute said...

O macho among the female forms! thou shan't fret!! it will be aeons till disciples of 'ye old english' would spirit away from the strata of mother earth... a humble comrade :D