Saturday, August 12, 2006

Meet Kipper the Dog!!!

They call him Kipper! Kipper the dog!

Meet Kipper! He is my very own dog. I've had him for many years now and he has been my best friend and confidante ever since I got him. Since I have written so much about life as I know it, I thought this blog would be incomplete without a mention of the history that Kipper and I share.

I didn't get Kipper the way I got my other stuffed toys. I think I got him when I was in 6th or 7th standard. All of a sudden, for no good reason, i wanted to have a stuffed dog. I had asked my dad (who was in Germany then) to get me a cute one from there. But he couldn't find what I wanted. So one day, after he came back to India, we drove to an Archie's Gallery to search for doggie. We searched and searched, found Teddy bears, polar bears and othe cute looking toys. Finally, I found this cute doggie peeking out from the top shelf. He was exactly what I wanted. My parents immediately got that for me.

Since then, we have been inseperable friends. People think I am mad when I tell them that I still talk to my stuffed dog, but thats how things have been since the day I got him!

You know how he got his name? I didn't name him until about 4 years after I bought him!!! Till then, I just called him "doggie". Even today, I call him "doggie" more often than I call him "Kipper". I guess you could say that for me, "kipper" is just his official name while "doggie" is a pet name (kinda like "bunty", "pinky", "bablu", "chandru" etc :P). I named him Kipper because I always thought he kinda looked like that cartoon character, Kipper the dog! Don't you think he looks like that??? (couldn't find a better link than that. If you find better pics, let me know!)

There's my buddy!
Doesn't he look cute? :)

There have been times when I used to get depressed and worried about things and go and talk to Kipper to find an answer and he has never let me down. Deep down inside, I know that its been my own conscience thats been helping me solve my problems, but I could have never done it without Kipper. Both of us have laughed together, cried together and helped each other.

Do you know what is one of my biggest fears??? Ghosts! If I watch a horror movie, I just get really freaked out and it takes me days or even weeks to recover. Since I got Kipper, things have been better. We have a deal, you see. Kipper never sleeps at nights. He sleeps in the day. I was never at home that time. I had to go to school. So he would sleep then. At nights, he always stayed awake and guarded my room and guarded me from any ghosts or zombies that were lurking around (in my imagination! :P).

I have grown to love Kipper over the years just like I would love any person. He has always been there for me when I needed him. He was never too busy for me, never got angry at me, never fought me with, never said a harsh word, always ready to listen to my problems, never judged me or done anything at all to hurt me.

Ok, by now I am sure you are all convinced that I am psycho. Not only do I talked to a stuffed toy, but I also claim that he is one of my closest friends! Yes, I know I am weird. But thats the way things are. Kipper has helped at times when everyone turned their backs on me. When I came to Singapore, I felt really bad to leave him behind. He is a huge dog and it would be difficult for me to bring him here. I do miss him every now and then... especially at nights when there are thunder storms and I get scared. There is no Kipper to guard me from ghosts and zombies!!

Anyways, I guess it just goes to show that it is not impossible to fall in love with an inanimate object. Anything at all in this world that gives you comfort, warmth and happiness is a good friend, whether it is a teddy bear, your favourite blanket, your lucky t-shirt, your bike, your car

Or Kipper the dog :)


Clueless said...
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Clueless said...

Here's a nice picture of Kipper, the Dog! And he's sprawled (albeit on a snow-ball), just like...well, your Kipper! :D

And awwww, your doggie is absolutely adorable. I have a coupla stuffed toys in my house as well (I don't think people ever outgrow stuffed toys!), and I too wish I could've brought them over here with me. They're very good company, and oh-so-adorable! :)

soleil said...

Knowing that you are an only child, I think its perfectly fine to have Kipper as one of your closest friends :D I know I've always had one of my four sisters and now one brother to talk to when I couldn't find a friend so I think Kipper's like the "sibling" you never had!

I agree with Clueless that most people never outgrow stuffed toys (especially girls). I have my two doggies in my PGP room to keep me company when I'm alone. One of them is called Sam and he has a baseball bat to shoo all the bad guys and ghosts and whatever else away ;)

prithz said...

That was a cute post... I have 2 teddies.. when at home, i used to make them lie, each on one side and hug them... ahhhhhhh.... so warm and comfy it used to feel.. unfortunately, cant bring them here u see...

"You wont feel lonely when u love the person you are alone with".... isnt that so damn true even for inanimate objects like our teddies and doggies!!! :)

Macho Girl said...

Thanks for the pic!! I changed the link to the one you gave. I love it! :)

Haha. Good point! Never thought kipper could be my sibling!
And I have seen your doggie in ur room!! Really cute :)

you said it! Lots of things are true for inanimate objects and very specially teddies!

Confused Soul said...

Awww... that was such a cute post!! I have my blue teddy here to give me company as well :D [ And I call him.. well.. teddy!]

double head said...

I didn't know his name is KIPPER. How appropriate? What is the iron doing near the tail of KIPPER, oouch!!! take it away. Does KIPPER always sleep on his belly?

simplime said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....that was the cutest thing I have ever read!! I mean its just so touching. I couldn't stop feeling 'awwish' at every single word you wrote. I would really say that you are a marvel in yourself...and I remember you telling me all these things just a while back. Its jus so much more beautiful when you write it. I already feel I know Kipper. Seriously MG, you really are a beautiful person...never ever lose this thing about yourself...for anyone or anything. NEVER EVER let negativity overpower these precious little beauties about you and your personality :) Its by far my fav post in your blog till now, and after this comes Dear teacher...