Friday, April 20, 2007

Bookmark remarks

Note: The following post is a pointless post which was created by a person who was bored out of her sense and tired of studying for exams. Read only if you have time to spare (and some amount of patience too! :P)

People find different ways to de-stress during exams. I used to have various other methods to unwind. Every semester, my strategy changes. Looks like this semester I have taken to blogging! This is rather ironic considering I haven't blogged much all semester with the usual "I'm busy!" excuse. Its exam season now.... could you think of a busier time for a student??!!! :P :P :P

Anyways, I am so bored of studying Molecular biology and Metabolism that I decided to create a new tag of my own and bug my busy-busy friends!!! *evil grin* Don't look at me like that! I am seriously bored! If I hear the word "transcription" again, I will go mad!!!!

Anyways, here starts my pointless post. I was taking a break from studies by going to some of my favourite websites. I realised then that my Bookmarks toolbar on my browser says a lot about me. Justby looking at the stuff I have put there for easy access, a lot can be said about my interests! I decided to list down whatever links are there and write a sentence or two on why that particular link has been bookmarked.

First one was obviously my own blog page!!! I dont think anything needs to be said about that! ;) I generally navigate to the blogs of my friends using the links on my page.

Next on the list, IVLE. Stands for "integrated virtual learning environment". Its were us NUS students get our lecture notes, announcements, class test grades (*sigh*) and the works. A "horror" webpage of sorts :P

Next is Garfield's website!!! :D :D :D I am a crazy garfield fan. I just love the comics!!! I go to the site every single day to check the new strip. Its so cool that I dont need to suscribe to any newspaper or online thingy to get my daily dose of humour and sarcasm. And you know what's the best part? They have a vault of comic strips there!!! All the way from June 19th 1978 till the latest strip!!!! Thats tons and tons of Garfield humour!! Me likey :D

Next is the Oxford English Dictionary. Hey! Don't call me a nerd!!! Everyone needs a dictionary!!! Online ones are so handy and so much quicker than the normal books!!!

Gmail and yahoo mail. I am not bothering to link these ones or give any explanation. DUH!!!!

The next one is rather strange... I visit youtube pretty often when I get bored just to check if they have any nice videos, gags, spoofs etc. But I never had it on my bookmarks list. Clueless noticed that and gasped "Oh my God!!! You don't have YOUTUBE on your list?????!!!! Crazy child!!!!!" Ah well... I didnt put it there because I was scared it would distract me too much. But then I gave into temptation in a unique way! Instead of putting the youtube home page, I put this video instead! (don't laugh!!! MG is not becoming a soft sentimental fool! Erm... atleast not more sentimental than I already am. I just think this one's cute!) Anyways there is the search engine on the top left. How does it matter whether it is the homepage or some particular video?! Youtube is now officially on my list.

Orkut is there... I used to use it regularly before. Lately I havent been there. No time I guess. Orkut is a great way to keep in touch with old friends, but its also a wastage of time every now and then and pretty addictive. So I rarely visit it anymore.

I LOVE CATS!!!! I AM CRAZY ABOUT KITTENS!!!! Need I say more? :P

A useful online german dictionary! Yeah, I took an introductory german course this semester. It was fun!

Panchatantra. Who doesn't appreciate short stories! I love the traditional touch that these amazing stories have!!! :) :) :)

Nerdy jokes
that I dug out while researching for my bioinformatics project last year. The jokes are pretty hilarious! Atleast most of them are

This is one of my favourite Garfield strips. It doesn't have the usual sarcasm... but its cute! :) Got a soft spot in my heart for it! :)

Karaoke!!!! I still have no idea how to pronounce it!! :P Anyways... Clueless and I desperately wanted to go to a Karaoke bar and sing (Clueless has been saying that for a loooooooong time now!). We got bugged of our project report one evening and started searching for online Karaoke when we stumbled across this! We created a joint account and sang songs after that for more than an hour!!! I had loads of fun that night :)

I don't know what my bookmarks toolbar says about me... Maybe it just says that I am the type who likes her fun, her daily dose of sarcasm (from the pro!), her daily dose of work (*sigh*) and who loves cats!!! Hehe... I dunno what to interpret out of this pointless post. Hmmm... maybe by searching for an interpretation, I am trying to bring a "point" into the pointless post! So I'll just drop it here ;) (did i just manage to annoy you with that paragraph? :D :D :P :P)

Thats about it folks! My boring and pointless post ends here! Atleast I feel a little fresher now and can get back to work! Congrats to those who survived reading this!!! Clueless, Confused Girl and Soleil... if you have run out of blog topics... well... you could consider this as a tag :P

So what do your bookmarks say about you? :)


Confused Soul said...

That's an interesting post!! I never realised how much bookmarks could tell about a person..

I will complete the tag soon! :)

Clueless said...

Nice! Very interesting concept! I'll get working on mine as soon as Metab starts to bore me ;)

//If I hear the word "transcription" again, I will go mad!!!!
How about "gene specificity"? :P