Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Winds of Change

My blog used to be called "the tomboy" when I first started out. I didn't like that title much. I always thought a blog's name should say something about the blog itself or the blogger. "the tomboy" was too general. I decided to settle for a title describing my blog. After all, don't most of my posts deal with that? Life as we know it?

I have been considering changing the title again. This thought has been running through my head for a long time now. Loads of ideas popped into my head but none of them really pleased me enough. My mind has even thought of the weirdest possibilities that make me think to myself "yeha right". I mean, imagine! "Dementia of the 5th dimension"!!! What sort of crap is that????

I did come up with a few good ones also. But I just never got around to change the title. So it remains the same. In fact, I have got plenty of brilliant ideas. But I still can't make that change! Its way too hard. This is my blog! And people know it the way it is! I've been wanting to change my template but haven't. Its still the same blue. Its hard to change something that you are so used to. (hey! the previous 2 sentences rhymed! :P) Even though I think the template is pretty ordinary and has nothing unique, I've gotten too used to it and am reluctant to make a change.

Why is it so hard to make changes? Or when things do change, why is it so hard to accept those changes? After all, aren't we all the people we are today because of all the changes that have accumulated over the years? I most certainly am not the way I was when I was a 6-year old. I've totally changed! I mean, I'm not even the way I used to be in my final year of school! University and hostel life have totally changed me! I did protest a bit when I realised I was changing, that my lifestyle was changing, but later I just accepted things the way they were. Most worked pretty well for me and some not so well. But I'm fine, aren't I? Then why can't we (or should I just say "I") be brave enough to take a chance and try to make that change? Why cling on to old tradition when we can create a new (and perhaps better) one? I know nobody said it would turn out to be better. But you'll never know unless you take a chance. Then why not?

Life will continue to change. I will graduate, complete my Ph.D, find a job and do the best I can. Places and faces will change. I know thats whats written in my future. In everyone's future for that matter. I guess the best way to go on is to try to judge whether the change will seriously affect the people around you or yourself in a negative manner. If it will and there is something you can do to stop it, then go ahead. Nobody will think any less of you for not making the change. If not sure what will happen if the change is made, then maybe just take a plunge and find out! Be adventurous! (easier said than done... *sigh*... I reeeeeeally wish I was capable of practising what I preach :| )

You know what.... maybe "Dementia of the 5th dimension" is not such a bad idea after all! For a change, it will accurately and specifically describe the blogger! :P :P ;)


Confused Soul said...

Post after post during exam time?? Aaah I forgot you have only 2 exams!! :D But you had tons to do during the semester and I had a pretty light one.. until now!!

I am very long to adapt to changes as well. If it's in my power not to change something, I'd rather not change it.. but when something has to change, it takes me a while to accept it.. but its surprising how I completely blend into the new whatever, so much that I sometimes wonder what the old whatever was like.. ok that was a weird sentence.. haha..

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this saying with you, you've probably already heard it though.. "The only thing constant in this world is change!" :)

Confused Soul said...

I *take very long to adapt to changes!!


double head said...

People who are not willing to accept change are not evolving. Being Stagnant is not natural. Any change will affect the system around it, it can be people, pets and you name it. Accept the change and evolve gracefully is a motto I want to practice in my life. Hmmm..there are changes in the way things change, nothing is constant, not even change. Be prepared to change like the clouds in the sky. Change for the better :)

Clueless said...

Ah, I remember I wrote a post with the same title when I changed by blog template ;)

And yup, if it's a change for the better, you should totally go ahead and take the plunge. You never know, you might just get used to the "change" so much that you won't remember what life used to be before it! :)

"Dementia of the 5th dimension" is pretty wacky. I like. ;)