Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Being nostalgic... not depressed!!!!

Its diwali season again! Two years in NUS and diwali has remained the weirdest festival ever. Coz thats the biggest festival at home and I am not there!!!! I have missed so many things.

I miss the shopping extravaganza that starts one month before diwali! I always buy my birthday clothes along with diwali clothes even though my birthday is 2-3 months after diwali!!!!

I miss the cooking extravaganza that starts a week before diwali! Mom, dad and me sit in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon and cook sweets and snacks! Well.... THEY do the cooking and the making. I do the minor stuff.... like breaking sev, attempting chakli making (and failing miserably after the first two :P) and mixing the mixture :P :P :P Oh! And laddus, barfi (sometimes) and dad's halwa!

I miss the day before diwali! Everyone is so excited about crackers and new clothes! And the food of course :P

I miss the night before diwali when my mom gets the lamps out (we've got loads of cute little lamps!) and makes wicks for them all. Then I fill them up with oil, go to the two balconies of my house and carefully space them out and decorate the sill. I wish I had a good picture of that to put up here. The house looked magnificent with little diyas all over the balconies and window sills.

I miss getting mad at the breeze for extinguishing my beautifully arranged diyas!

I miss getting up early in the morning (3am or 4am!) on diwali morning and for a change, not feel groggy so early in the morning!

I miss getting into fresh, new clothes!

I miss waking the neighbourhood up with a redfort (couldn't find pictures online)!

I miss the sparklers and flowerpots and chakras that I used to burst till the sun rose!

I miss going to the temple early in the morning!

I miss breakfast after temple! Its usually idli and coconut chutney (yum yum!)

I miss making phone calls and receiving them! Happy diwali to all!

I miss dozing off at around 9am in front of the diwali specials on TV :P (I woke up at 4am ok! Gimme a break!)

I miss resuming bursting crackers all day long. Not the sparkly ones. The loud ones! :D

I miss the feast that was called lunch! On banana leaves!

I miss lighting the diyas again on diwali night!

I miss the sparkly crackers!

I miss winding up the day with a light (yet tasty!) dinner then watch some TV. Maybe a diwali special movie. Mostly tamil movie.

I miss wearing "civilian clothes" (thats what they called it!) to school the day following diwali :P

I miss diwali at home!

But this year, I won't sit and brood. Because this year, its a new type of diwali. A diwali with my family here! My dearest friends.

Thanks for spending the most popular (and important to me!) festival of our culture with me! I am having a rocking time... in the most unconventional way possible! :)

You so totally rock!

Happy Diwali everyone! :D


Clueless said...

Aww, I miss all those things too! But you gotta do with what you have, right? It's nice we all have each other to celebrate the important stuff with! :)

Happy Diwali! :D :D

kashika said...

A very happy diwali MG. After reading your post I feel soooo lucky to be right here in India, doing all those things that you miss doing. And I can so totally relate to the bursting loud crackers part :)

A very happy diwali once again.

soleil said...

I totally enjoyed Diwali with you dudettes :D