Sunday, November 11, 2007

YOU grow up!

Last night, Clueless and I were talking about how an abstract should be written for a paper. I said..

Its like the back cover of Nancy Drew. You summarize the plot to attract the reader to buy it. Abstract is the first thing the reader will see. But its different from Nancy Drew in that you give a small spoiler... you results mentioned in a line or two! What compels the reader to go ahead with your paper is to see HOW you got the result and not WHAT the result was!

Then I asked her...

Do you think I should become a professor when I grow up?

Today I was talking to my mom about lunch and I mentioned I might go and grab a burger for lunch. Sorta like drown my stress (not sorrow... I'm not particularly sad. Just stressed.... happily stressed :P :P) in oily fries and a large coke. And she told me to enjoy it while I could. Then I asked her why did she say "while I could". Then she said that later in life people worry about putting on weight and cholestrol and all that sort of stuff. To that I asked her

You think I will have to worry about all that when I grow up?

This got me thinking.... I am technically an adult now because I am above 18. And I don't (and most probably won't) grow anymore in terms of my height or build or whatever. I think this is the height I will be for the rest of my life. Then when will I "grow up"? It seems like such a distant future but at some level, its my present. Makes sense?

Its something like.... when you are a kid, you have these wild fantasies about who you will become when you grow up. But thats perfectly alright... kids are kids... but at what point of time will I become an adult, not in terms of age or physical appearance but in terms of my mind and stop saying "when I grow up"?

Its sorta scary in a way. I am kinda hoping the day when I stop saying the phrase will never come... because its almost like there is nothing more to look forward to... Your life has set and you have.... well.... grown up! For now... the phrase "when I grow up" is very comforting because each time I say that, I know I have some more time on my hands to properly shape my future and decide the direction in which my life will proceed.

Its not the end. Its only the beginning :)

And I can't help but to remember a quote from the movie "Flavors"

Candy- Grow up man!

Vivek- YOU grow up!



Clueless said...

Interesting post! I don't think I'll ever stop saying "when I grow up", no matter how old I am! But I guess if you technically talk about it, the moment you're all "grown up" should be around the time you get your first job? I think so, I don't know. It's a bit scary to think of it that way - I don't want my first job to be the point of no return!

doublehead said...

Noone ever grows up fully. You always "Grow up" no matter how old you get or how tall or fat you grow up to be. Once you are out of school or college you become a more responsible individual. Once you are emplyed you become even more responsible, especially with "YOUR MONEY". The best part of being in a teaching job (say being a professor) is that one never feels old or grown up in this job. Day in and day out one deals with young kids and day in and day out one has to learn and keep growing with time. That way one can say "Profs"are really irresponsible compared to those in other professions!!! Viva la Profs!!

soleil said...

It's all relative to who you're with in terms of company and how you feel! Or maybe it's having something to be responsible for or maybe it's having an ambition to fulfil... Now you got me thinking... :p

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

You are a grown up and you are still a young girl because its just the beginning and "picture abhi baaki hain mere dost".


(I used to comment ur blogs say a year od two ago as hotwinter( which was then, Remember? Again Im back but now with my own name. I was the one who commented ur MG (Macho Girl) that it looked like the symbol of Superman as the colors are same. Remember?)

Macho Girl said...

Yeah... scary thought :-/

#double head
Maybe i should consider getting into academics!

Muahaha!!! Thats me!!! Gotcha thinking now!! :P

Hi! Of course I remember you! I was wondering what happened when u disappeared! Welcome back to my space :) Nothing has changed. I am just as infrequent in posting new stuff as i used to be :P