Wednesday, February 27, 2008

iRegret yet iHappys!

At a time when about a million trivial things are bugging me enough to bog me down and tire me out, I have decided to blog about the slightly less trivial stuff and see if there really is a need to be bogged down. So here goes the rant which shall relieve me of any stress/tension/regret that I have which is preventing me from getting any useful work done. So here goes!


Taking the toughest science module (which I shall not name here for safety reasons :P) when everyone told me not to take it, that I couldn't handle it

Taking up the biggest responsibility in my orchestra only to find it way harder than what I expected it to be

Not applying for student exchange program and not getting a chance to get out of Singapore

Not declaring a Minor in English language and literature earlier on

Not having touched my violin this vacation

Not having bothered about art this vacation

Not having learnt to cook

However.... Looking at the same 7 points mentioned above


To have taken the module anyway because now I know I am a very capable and strong person. I am sticking to the module even though it is sucking the life out of me when so many people who took the same course are quitting half way through! Me proud to be one of the few who is strong enough to survive!

To have headed the orchestra even though the job was much harder than expected coz I got so many wonderful new friends AND now fully appreciate how hard (yet rewarding!) it is to organise big events! If life sciences fails for me, I'll get into event management! :P

To know that even if I don't go for exchange now, I will definitely go for a Masters degree to Europe and will get to visit beautiful places. Who knows, maybe I will be able to actually live in one for a while!

Coz even though I haven't declared a minor, I still get to do the literature courses (which are simply super awesome!!!!). Its the course that matters, not the certificate :)

Coz I played well in the concert this year and have learnt a thing or two about music itself. I am proud to announce that I no longer have to sneak glances at Clueless to give me a cue for starting my part :P I understand the language of beats :P :P :P

Coz even though I didn't do anything much at home, here, I made a pen stand for my dear friend for her birthday and a card for soleil! Plus, I have all the material in my room and its such a stress buster in addition to "practising" art.

Coz there exists a marvellous concept called frozen foods and another wonderful invention - Ready-to-eats! :P And also, I learnt to make brilliant potato patties on my own :P

Cheee.... I just read through this post and realised how trivial all the stuff I mentioned is. But for once, I don't care. I whine. I recover. I'm happy now.

All wells :)

(Yes, I have been overdosed with OSO dialogues. It is my guilty pleasure. Everyone is allowed a guilty pleasure!)


Clueless said...

Yayz! What a super-awesome post! This is the way to look at things, girl. You look at the bad stuff that happens to you and then you realize you have so much more to be happy about! I'm glad you're finding reasons to stay cheerful - you happys means I happys too! :D

Heh, and when I read your last line, I was all, "All wells full of what?" You're ODing on OSO, and here, enzyme assays have corrupted my brain! :P

doublehead said...

Reminds me of Alanis's song,

You live you learn
You cry you learn

you regret you learn
you happy you learn

Minor in English Language or minor in event management?

soleil said...

I'm glad blogging is therapeutic for you! :) I love the card btw! It sits nicely here on my table where I can see it whenever I'm at sitting at my table ;) Make me miss you gals though...