Friday, February 29, 2008

Plan B

I always like to play safe. Ask anyone who's been with me long enough and they'll tell you about this need of mine to have backup options, plan Bs, plan Cs.... well... you get the idea.

When its time to apply for an internship in a big lab or very specifically, when its time to apply for an honors year project, I reach limits of paranoia. Coz you see, its risky business to apply to more than one lab at a time. What if you get accepted in more than one lab? I don't particularly enjoy the thought of having to tell a Prof, "Thanks, but not thanks... you see, I got in elsewhere and I prefer that place. K thx bye!" :P I know that its probably just my paranoia, and that the prof might not take it personally. If its not this student for a project, then someone else will come along. But still, feels weird to say that.

So last night I decided, I have been putting off the task of applying for too long and that it was now or never. Afterall, I had been looking up the staff directory for a month and decided I wanted to work with this prof. So what was holding me back?

I spent an hour over how to compose the right email and went about modifying my CV. Then I spent another half an hour editing everything and another half an hour reading and re-reading the email. First impressions matter! And I couldn't take no for an answer. I finally clicked the "Send" button, wondering what I would do if he didn't let me join or his lab was full. Then where would I go? I didn't have a plan B :-/

He replied promptly.

"Dear MG:
I would be glad to take you on for an honors project. I will meet you on XYZ day at ABC in the afternoon.

Prof you know who"

:D :D :D :D

Looks like for once, I didn't need a plan B :D

P.S. I have spent the day with an idiotic grin on my face and feel like I am on top of the world inspite of the countless tests, assignments and exams that are coming up. I didn't need a plan B!!! :D :D :D


doublehead said...


Job well done. Congrats. Does this mean NO MORE PLAN B?

soleil said...

Congrats! Tell me who over email ya? :)

doublehead said...

Surprise, surprise!! No response from Clueless yet? Either having a very high fever, bedridden and unable to operate the key board or stuck in a desolated island in some remote corner of the world where there is no net connectivity. I will settle for the latter!!

Clueless said...

Heh! I will go for the latter too, and add that the "desolate island in the remote corner of the world" happens to be also known as "lab"! :P
But never fear, I'm here now! :D

Heh, I knew you'd find a way to work the "kthxbye" into your post sometime soon. :P And it does feel extremely weird to have spent most of the year worrying about this and then getting a resolution so quick, no? Here's hoping everything else goes on great! *fingers crossed*