Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Golden Words

I've got about a truck load of deadlines this week and the next. So I have found the necessity to sleep less and study more these days. Over the past few days, even though I planned getting up at around 8am to start studying, I have been able to pull myself out of bed only a couple of hours late. Today, I really couldn't afford to sleep beyond 7:30. I have a test coming up day after tomorrow for which I have loads more topics to cover. And as if I don't have enough work already, laundry was overdue.

So I get clueless to pull me out of bed and splash water on my face to make sure I am up at 7:30. Then after dumping clothes into the washer then the dryer, I study. Study study study. And study. Till around 10:50am. I have lab today at noon so I need to get out of my room by 11:15, grab some lunch then get going. At 10:55 or so, I took my towel etc etc etc and went to shower. It just so happened that the cleaning lady was also schedule to clean up our bathroom at around 11. I was wondering what to do considering if I used the cubicle, she wouldn't be able to finish her job soon enough and move on. But I decided to shower anyways because I was getting late. Really couldn't help it.

I entered the bathroom and there she was, near the wash basin, starting her task of cleaning up the dump. She saw me come in, gave me a very sweet smile and said...

"Cholly, ah!!!"

I turned and looked at her as I was about to enter the shower cubicle. Then she said it again

"Chorry ah! Must clean place"

I said

"Its ok lah! I will be done in 5-10mins."

I felt like I should be the one apologizing for barging in when she was doing her job. After I was done and I walked out, she was still cleaning the place. She stopped and looked at me and said

"Thank you ah! Take care! Bye! :) "

I said

"Thank you! Bye! :) "

Its amazing how you can find such people in the places you least expect to. Its not like she has a glamorous job but she manages to stay happy and sure as hell brightened up my day.

Which is why inspite of having a million deadlines and an exam coming up, I felt compelled to write about the nice cleaning lady.

This world surecould use more people who know how to say "Thank you", "sorry", "Take care", "Have a nice day", "Bye! :)"


Clueless said...

Hee! I met her too, when I was coming out of the other bathroom after my shower! She didn't say anything, but she gave me a wide smile as I was walking out :)

I totally agree that the world could use a few more bright and cheery people to liven things up. It really only takes a kind word or a sweet smile to make someone feel a whole lot better. I hope these people know what a difference their words and actions make to our lives! :)

doublehead said...

Sure enough, the world could use more of cheerful people with gleeming smile to greet others. Why not be the one from today? If you can make a little bit of difference in someone's life, make them cheerful and happy. Be the change you want to see in others!! Hey who said that?

Have a nice day, take care. bye bye!

soleil said...

I remember this really nice Malay cleaning lady who used to clean the 5th floor when I was at RVR last sem. Is it the same lady? :)

Also, if you don't want to bother her while cleaning, you could consider using another bathroom on the same floor or on another floor hehe.