Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Memory!

When I did well in my 12th board exam, 11th exam before that or when I won something or the other in sports, my parents would take me out for a treat. Of course, anytime we go out is a treat for me. But these treats were special. Held in my "honour" sort of thing :P

I was sitting the other day and trying to remember what was my first treat. And this is the memory that came to my mind.... crystal clear as though it happened only yesterday!!! I know this not much of a "treat" in the sense of the word. More like a reward I guess. What the heck, its a random memory that came so fresh in my head that I just felt like blogging about it! :P

I must have been in 1st standard. I can't remember how old I was. It was an ordinary evening. Mom and dad had come back from office. They decided it was time to do some grocery shopping. I didn't feel like going for grocery shopping so I chose to stay back with my grandmom. Just as they got ready and were about to leave the bedroom, I remember asking them if they could buy chocolate for me. I asked it sort of jokingly because I didn't think they'd actually get me chocolate out of the blue and that too just before dinner! Then my dad put a piece of paper in front of me and handed me a pencil and said that if I spelt the word "Chocolate" correctly, he would get me some! I concentrated real hard (gimme a break, I was a little kid who was learning to spell!) and got the spelling right! :D Both of them looked at me and smiled and left without a word.

I waited impatiently for them to come back. When I asked for "chocolate" I actually had the small eclair toffees in mind because I thought that big chocolate bars were a definite no-no before dinner. But when they came in, I was in for a big surprise!!!

They bought be a big bar of Cadbury Crackle!!!! :D :D :D :D It was my reward for learning my spellings well! :D

It took me so long to find the yellow chocolate cover image on the internet! But this is what I got :D

I know this is like the most random post ever! But I don't care how random, boring or pointless it is. Its a very precious memory for some reason. Maybe because I remember every bit of the incident and when I replay it in my head, its like watching the incident happen all over again through my tiny 1st standard self!

I wish it was as simple now to impress people :P :P

And look what I have done... I've made myself crave for chocolate!


Clueless said...

Aw! So cute! Do they even sell Crackle anymore?

I know how you feel - looking back, things seem so simple and uncomplicated. Now, *sigh*.

Anyway, I thought it would interest you to know that Cadbury always reminds me of my mom. She signs her name like the weird d-b thing on Cadbury.

What?! I can be random too! :P

Shweta said...

ooh my treats were a bottle of 'gold coin' apply juice every sunday. and its not only harder to impress people, its also harder to be satisfied by 'gold coin''s isnt it? :(

@clueless: yup i think they sell crackle

soleil said...

This post made me smile :D What a beautiful memory!

doublehead said...

YOu can't remember how old you were in your first standard!! Ha ha! How about spelling Children chocolate in German, if you do it right I can tell your parents to give you a treat. :)

Joe James said...

Even I have nostalgic memory of this yellow covered Crackle...
Happy to find this post..