Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I never really understood the IM terms... I mean, the point behind it. While stuff like "brb" and "btw" seem to have a practical purpose of conveying a message, stuff like "lol", "rofl", "lmao" etc are beyond me. I mean, how could you express laughter and amusement through a bunch of letters put together! And as if that's not bad enough, we have plural forms too, "lolz"! I prefer smileys. They are cuter and make a lot more sense. But to each his own, right? :) Even so, "k" is something i will never understand!!!! "k". Sounds so impatient! Like the person you are talking to doesn't even deserve the split second that it will take to type the extra "o". "ok". How hard is that? What amuses me the most are replies to sms which just say "k". Nothing else. Just "k". Isn't that like a waste of one full sms? I make the most out of mine! :P :P

Seeing that it disturbed me when people say "k" to me and knowing I love cats and kittens, clueless directed me to this website... www.lolcats.com. And now I am hooked :P I am not going to say anymore about the website. I have posted a few pictures from their site over here. Just a sample. If you want more, please go to their website :)

I love this website! I love cats!!! :D :D :D


Clueless said...

Bwah! The Sparta one and the Force one are awesome.

And er, I'm sorry. For hooking you onto something so addictive. It seems I have a nasty habit of doing that!

Yeah, that's all I wanted to say. Kthxbye! :D

Shweta said...

ooh i hate 'k' too!

soleil said...

I love smileys too but I think the reason why "haha" and "lol" exist is that there is no laughing smiley. I may be wrong so if you do find a laughing smiley that can be represented with no more than 2 characters, I should be the first one you tell ok? :)

As for the cats, I think the broken English adds to the cuteness :D

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

So many kittens :O