Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bollywood calling!

If you ask me to name one bollywood movie that I would have rather watched in the theatres than in my room, I would have say it is Om Shanti Om. Not that I didn't enjoy watching it in my room. Clueless and I had a ball. It was an ok movie I guess. Very colourful. But just typical bollywood. Maybe a bit too colourful.

Well... for a so-so movie, I seem to have watched it and re-watched it A LOT! Not the whole movie of course. I have watched the entire movie only some 3-4 times. But I have watched selected scenes here and there way too many times! Watching it so many times got me thinking, why do I name OSO to be the one movie I wish I had watched in theatre?!!

One song from the movie is more than enough to answer that! Deewangi Deewangi. Clueless and I had no idea that so many bollywood stars would come in a "very friendly appearance" and couldn't help screaming everytime someone unexpected turned up. I would have loved to scream in the theatre with hundreds of equally crazy people (just like how we did for John Abraham in KANK!)!!!

I don't know why I totally enjoy watching that song over and over again. Over the years, I seem to have become rather cynical. And maybe since I have come to Singapore, I've been quite out of touch with Bollywood. Watching that song and seeing all the Bollywood stars whom I had once admired and now *almost* forgotten was an awesome experience! Reminded me of the days of Govinda (the famous Govinda-Karishma pairing!), Madhuri, Juhi, Kajol, Sunil Shetty, Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar etc etc etc. It felt goooood!

Well... I haven't really ever denied being a bollywood fan. But lately, the bollywood fan in me has been suppressed quite a bit. So I am going to come clean in this post.

Let's face it - bollywood movies are cheesy, have predictable endings, most of the times the same names for the characters (Rahul... naam to suna hoga! :P) and of course... they are incredibly looooong (as brought to our attention by dear Soleil who thought the intermission in DDLJ was the conclusion of the film. We should watch Lagaan someday!). Some people even complain there are too many damn songs!

It took me a movie like OSO (which is pretty much a parody of bollywood movies :P) to realise. It took the appearance of so many bollywood stars (whom I had almost forgotten) like Shilpa Shetty, Sunil Shetty (sorry! the names always go together for me!), Urmila, Govinda etc etc etc. But still, the important thing is, I have now realised and am proud to admit...

I am one among the millions of crazy Bollywood fans and I am a sucker for the elaborate costumes, the plot (if there is one! Happys Endings!), colourful sets etc etc etc. I am going to get back in touch with Bollywood movies (anyone got any recommendations?) ... old and new! Something to look forward to this summer!

Bollywood rocks!!! \m/

P.S.: I was watching OSO for about the millionth time and I decided to go ahead with this random post after watching the title song :P That movie is just so damn colourful!


soleil said...

Sorry Dudette, I have no Bollywood film recommendations to make :p But those that I have watched so far, I have enjoyed :)

I remember thinking when it was the intermission in DDLJ (I don't know what this is short for haha), "That's it? It can't end like this!" LOL!

Macho Girl said...

Haha! I often forget the full form of this stuff too! Bollywood movie names can get sooo long. its easier to think of them as DDLJ, K3G, KANK etc etc etc :P :P :P

doublehead said...

Bollywood movies, ieeeeekkkkkk
3.5 hours of pure torture
Need not go to the torture chambers in the wax museums, instead just watch a bollywood movie. As for Abbreviations for bolloywood movies, here are some

hehe :)


Clueless said...

Your OSO obsession is almost scary! I never thought you'd like an SRK movie so much! :P

It would've been great fun to watch the movie in the theatres, though. I remember the crazy screaming we did for John Abraham in his KANK cameo - so much fun! Would've been fun to do it some 30-40 odd times, hee! :D

I don't have any recommendations, because I think you've watched almost Hindi movie I have, but I will say this: make good use of the TV back home and watch as much stuff as you can! :)

P.S.: Making Soleil sit through Lagaan is a GREAT idea. We should definitely do it sometime!