Sunday, June 08, 2008


The final post in my Uttarkhand series is a rather random one. Its all the random photos that I had taken. The first few photos are random places/things while the last few are what give the post its name. They are signs which I found rather funny. I saw many more amusing sign boards around (including a hotel that "Breaks fast lunch snex and dinner"!) and passed through villages with amusing names (like "Namoona" and "Bhootnagar". Soleil - Namoona means specimen and Bhootnagar means ghost town). Unfortunately, when you are in a vehicle that moves at 100kmph, you tend to miss those shots. Well... here's the stuff that I did manage to take!

I might have mentioned in my previous posts that I visited Corbett with high hopes of spotting a tiger. I loved the emblem on the gate!

Can you spot any tigers in the forest? No? Well, that's coz they are in another part of the National park...

There ya go! I was lucky! How often do you get to see a mommy tiger playing with her cub!

Or deer sitting so close to their predators!

"Rawr! You cannot leave the shop without buying atleast a t-shirt with my pic on it!"

Doesn't this remind you of that fevicol advertisement? :P

A very common sight along the highways of Uttarkhand. So common that I just had to point the camera to the side and randomly click to capture them! These are piles of cowdung. And this is a brilliant picture. It captures a pile in the making and fully made piles! Spot them for yourself ;) Hint: fully made piles have a smooth exterior :P

No no... I didn't go to Egypt. Some place had these for wall decoration and it looked interesting. So I click! (is it any wonder the camera battery kept getting exhausted!)

Not a very good pic, I'm afraid. It was difficult to capture it! This, as you might have already guessed, is the belly of a truck. This is a picture of an over turned truck that blocked the entire road. We had to get off the road to go past it. I took this pic as we approached the beast. Should have taken it a few metres behind. Damn! Bad timing!

A place called "Rani ki Jheel" in Ranikhet. Very scenic :) It was a lovely morning walk from the hotel
Recognize this plant? :P

How about now? ;) It grows in abundance in Uttarkhand. I even spotted some plants within the temple compound near the Kosi river. Quickest way to enlightenment ;) >:)

Now starts the 'Signs' part of the post.

Hey clueless! Remember in first year when you were trying to explain what "oxymoron" meant and couldn't think of any examples? 'Nuff said :P

Just to let you know what fuel this truck consumes ;) D-JAL!

In case you couldn't see the design in the previous pic ;) :P

"Alcohol & Calculus don't mix. Never drink & derive" :P

Huh? When does it shut? :-/

Random shot

Would you like some Cornfex for brake fast? Its our speciality!

You are not a fan of cornfex you say. How about Jam tost? Or if you wanna go light, we have a selection of soups. Try our latest Japanese hit - Tamoto soup. You'll love it!

Rather disturbing to see the truck in front of you have a sign saying "Use Dipper Good Luck At Night" :P


Shweta said...

lol for the 'Made in India' pics!

soleil said...

Hey! Those aren't real tigers! haha.
The cowdung piles are pretty huge. I wonder how many cows' dung is required to make one pile...
I like the signs part of the post best- I'd like some cornfex, jam tost and tamoto soup please :p

Clueless said...

Hee, these are so funny! The truck picture with the people hanging on reminded me immediately of the Fevicol advertisement! :P The cowdung piles are awesome and the Ranikhet lake looks fabulous. The plant immediately reminded me of Botany class and venation and phyllotaxy! :P

The signs are so funny! D-Jal, hee! Unique General Store! Perfect example, indeed! Cornfex and tamoto soup sound great. And those truck signs are everywhere. I have no clue why they do the "Good Luck" part in the middle and the other messages on the sides. Makes for one weird sentence!

Tifossi said...

wow ..damn hilarious pics.. u mus post more.. d jal was the best..