Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sing for the moment

Lately, Clueless and I have been talking a lot about the best and worst qualities of loads of things in life. Today we ventured into territories I never thought we'd have to courage to explore.... the best and worst in us! What's my worst? I seem to have a tendency to either live in the past or worry about the future too much and I am missing one of the greatest adventures of my life right here, right now!

I have been worrying too much about the year 2009... the year after graduation!!! :O Where will I be, what will I be doing etc etc etc. After a long ride on the bicycle and a long chat with clueless and several long walks (at home) and chats with Mom and Dad, I have come to realise a few things. Yeah, I gotta write GRE soon and score well... I gotta give TOEFL too. I gotta apply in as many universities as I can and hope for the best. At the same time, I gotta visit career fairs and try to find myself a job so I can work for a while at least before I join for higher studies. Basically, the goal is simple, by the time I graduate, I need a university admission in one hand and a job in the other. At that point of time I can worry about what is best for me. Right now, I need to stop worrying about the future and live in the moment :)

Phew! This is what I needed to overcome the month long writer's block :P


Shweta said...

Your juniors aren't too far behind in the 'worry' deaprtment :(

But yeah, enjoy your fyp! It'll be an amazing experience!

Shweta said...

and ha! i commented before clueless for once :P

should i shout,


Clueless said...

Hey! Some people need to travel a long way before they can get home to comment! Hmph!

Great post, btw! That's the spirit! There'll always be regrets in life, always things looming in the future that may generate problems. The thing to remember is that by worrying about those things, we're missing out on a wonderful present. Live for the moment, and everything will sort itself out. :)

Great to see you taking such a positive attitude towards things! :D

Macho Girl said...

You may shout "gold" if you like :P

i guess we all have to go through that phase... ah well... its coming for us sooner or later!

Hey! this post was posted long before you even left lab!!! :P

I have always taken a positive attitude in life! ;)

doublehead said...

Without the memories of the past and the uncertainities of the future the present (life) would be pretty boring. This statement is loaded, think about it in a philosophical manner. Some run after a goal, some take whatever comes in their way, and some are down right lazy. Now you know who sits on the top of the success chain now. Surely enjoy the moment, take time to relish the present, but keep the goals and dreams nearby, they are very important. They only can take you to places.

soleil said...

I am quite the worrier too :p I too am learning to live in the moment, to take things one step at a time. If you're ever in one of those worry moments and wanna share them with a fellow worrier, you know who to call ;)