Friday, September 26, 2008

Done with GRE and drained of creativity

Finally I am done with GRE!!!! Life can go on as usual :P

Seriously, my life had been put on hold for the past one month. Everything was about GRE. GREGREGREGREGREGREGRE.... well... you get the point. And the past two weeks ESPECIALLY. I was either locked up in my room or in the library, studying. And now finally it is over and here I am sitting on my bed... no words to memorize, no math problems to solve.... no practise tests, no tension, no worries.... I'm feeling kinda bored :P :P After all the complaining I did about how boring GRE preparation was, I am guessing people will queue up to punch me in the face if I say I already miss studying for GRE.

Anyways, GRE went well... I won't go into details... I just thought I would announce here that I am free (for the moment :P) and I am satisfied. And also to record an observation today. After writing the exam loads of people asked me how it went and almost all conversations were like this...

XYZ : So how did it go?
MG: Brilliant! I am quite happy with the results!
XYZ : Haha! No seriously, tell me, how did it go?
MG : Uh.... I just did! It went very well!!!
XYZ : Oh.. uh... er... I mean... congratulations!!!
MG : :-/

And this happened quite a few times.... without me even mentioning my score... Why do people find it so hard to believe it when I say I did well? Is it because they think I am dumb and can't handle a GRE or because they are just so used to the usual... "Yeah... it went ok... could've done better..." I certainly hope it wasn't the former! *indignant look*

And another something...

XYZ : So which universities will you be applying to?
MG : *names a few ivy league universities and more*
XYZ: :-/
MG: :-)
XYZ : Uh... I asked you where you will be applying... I did not ask you to list the top 5! So seriously... tell me... where you applying? *eager look*
MG : :-/

I know I probably won't get into any of the Ivy League, but doesn't mean I am not capable! :(

Anyways, screw it... what matters is that I gave my all, and I am going to disregard what anyone says about my scores or ambitions and I am going to feel good about myself and I am going to take this rare opportunity to give myself a pat on the back and say....

I rock!!!! :D :P for now ;)

P.S. I couldn't have gotten through this stressful period if it hadn't been for the constant support I got from home and from clueless... you guys rock more than I do!!! :D ;)


Clueless said...

Hehe, first off, CONGRATULATIONS! No matter what others might say, or what you might think yourself, your score is great and you SHOULD be proud of yourself.

As for the people not believing you about doing well in GRE, it's probably 'cuz they find it hard to believe anyone could do well in that exam! Or maybe they don't know anyone who has come out of a GRE exam saying, "It went well!" That probably makes you one of the rare few, you know! ;) :D

And I, for one, definitely think you can go anywhere you set your heart on. And don't let anyone let you believe otherwise! :)

You did good, girl! I'm proud of you! Rock on! \o/

Shweta said...

hey congratulations :)! and about the missing-it-already part, here's a big :| to you.

and ooh I hope you get into one of those ivy league institutions, then I can tell people I know someone who studies there :P