Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I really feel bad about not blogging more frequently! Its kinda frustrating considering I think of so many things when I am working in lab or sitting in the lecture theatre but when I come back to the room and open blogger, POOF! All ideas and thoughts vanish. I seem to have developed short term memory loss. With an ego and pride (or whatever) as large as mine, the problem is compounded because one part of me urges to make a note on my phone, on a piece of paper or something when a nice blog topic pops up but the other part of me says, "Chee!!! Shame on you needing to write down stuff on a paper to remember. Especially for a blog. Don't worry about it, when you sit in front of your comp, you will know what to write". Not working out so well :-/

Anyways, I have been reading a lot of other blogs lately. Loads of my friends who went off on a long hiatus are back at one shot so I feel inspired now. I really hope this inspiration stays on!

Let me end the note by commenting on this new haircut of mine... I now look like the long lost sister of Princess Leia. Sign me up for the next star wars movie!!! :P


Clueless said...

I did the phone thing once - took me ages to type everything out! And I didn't even finish! I'm definitely sticking to paper the next time. :P

Does Leia have a twin sister in the movies? 'Cuz, with my also-new haircut, I could be her! ;)

Clueless said...
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