Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fuelling through...

My music craze changes every week and its been Snow Patrol's turn recently. I also recently found out that contrary to popular belief, my prof has no problems whatsoever with us bringing our iPods and listening to music while working... YAY! And neither does my mentor. Double YAY!!!

Anyhoo... I made sure I didn't flood the limited memory capacity of my iPod with Snow Patrol songs this week. I put in just 3-4. When they do play, I tend to sing aloud as long as the boss is not around.

Today in lab, I started singing a line from "You could be Happy" which goes like this... "take a glorious bite out of the whole world". Two of my labmates who haven't been introduced to Snow Patrol's maginifence (but one of the is quite familiar with Dido!) gave me a puzzled look

Labmate 1: What's that you are singing?
Me: Ever heard of "Snow Patrol"?
Labmate 2: What's that?
Labmate 1: Arre yaar, just like how somebody introduced "Biodiesel" somebody must have discovered "Snow Petrol"!!!!
Clueless: *almost literally rolling on the floor laughing*

:| :P


soleil said...

Snow petrol indeed hahahaha! Wait til Cookie Monster hears/reads this post :p

Clueless said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Labmate #1 has an awesome sense of humour ... when she wants to be funny, that is! ;)

Zav said...

good Joke ! But i never heard of that "snow patrol".will google it !