Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random thoughts

Random thought #1

As a school kid, I used to meet a lot of my parents' friends, many of them were scientists. Very often, the dinner talks used to get really boring for me but I'd have to sit through them anyways. So I would pretend I had a super power of understanding the brains of a scientist and that with one glance, I could penetrate the inner workings of their scientific minds. I always saw their brains as being very "specialized" in a particular area, as opposed to mine and all my other friends who had a well rounded knowledge in all subjects ranging from biology to trigonometry, thanks to school. And till very recently I thought that my brain was still very "unspecialized". That its very "general". Of course that was until I started preparing for my general GRE maths section and realised I could talk at length about proteins but couldn't recall the formula to calculate the area of a triangle. I am in my final year and I am actually, truly specializing in Cell and Molecular Biology. I am becoming one of them!!!! :O :-\ not sure whether to ":D" or ":(" about it yet. Mostly it will be ":-\" accompanied with a "Hmmmm... thats interesting". Specialization is another sign of growing up. Knowledge is like a funnel in such cases, you start off broad but it keeps narrowing down and becoming more concentrated in one area, right from first year in university till you get your highest degree.

Random Thought # 2

I have come to realise that a "perfect" relationship is not one devoid of fights. A relationship devoid of fights is sort of meaningless. I mean, if I had one such relation, I would surely stop and wonder if we were hanging out together because we genuinely cared about each other or because its just uncomplicated. I have realised that complications aren't necessarily a bad thing. If anything at all, fights just show you where the two (or more) of you actually stand. A fight can teach you this... after a fight, if you find it in yourself to make the effort and keep the relationship from falling apart, then its probably because you believe this is going somewhere and that you care about that someone and vice versa. But if you are cool with just letting it fall apart all around you, then it probably meant nothing to you in the first place. Of course, once you have established that you guys are hanging out together because you care, then also fights aren't the "imperfections" of the relationship. You just grow from there on and find the courage to face many battles to be with that someone and also to see that someone happy. Quoting the Tom and Jerry ad - We always hurt the ones wer love, the biggest arguments are between the closest of pal but true friendship will always save the day!"

Random Thought # 3

I have a feeling that in a week's time, I will understand why people who stay alone somewhere feel perfectly alright with working late and coming back home late. Next week, most of my friends here will be going back home and this hostel is going to be pretty much empty for a while. Clueless is also leaving early this year to be with her dad on his birthday!!! (our exams usually end much later and clueless ends up missing her dad's birthday and I end up missing or landing on the night of my mom's birthday. This time both of us will make it on time! :D) I have a weird feeling that I will be perfectly alright with working extra hard in lab and staying in late if necessary to finish off as much work as I can. And I also get why people don't like to cook only for themselves. Funnily enough, as bad as I do feel that Clueless and I can't use this time to have a blast every evening (imagine girl! with no modules, we'd have all the time in the world to watch movies, sit around and talk, listen to music etc etc etc!), I also feel good because this will give me time to well... spend with me! :P I plan to read a couple of novels from the library :) Or make full use of their amazing Calvin and Hobbes collection! I spend too much of time on the net so I think I should limit internet usage to talking to parents and checking email. I should also probably start sleeping on time so I can continue the suite when I reach home!

Random Thought # 4

Clueless has recently turned my attention to a weird habit of mine. She says I am prone to introspection and that I seem to have the ability to be myself but at the same time look at me from a third person perspective and analyze. It was a very confusing thought to begin with but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Now, the weird part is that even after this has been brought to my attention, I am not aware of it when it does happen. You know, kinda like when someone says you say some word in a weird way, you probably will never say it the same way again because you are too conscious. I still seem to be my first and my third person!

Random thought # 5

Along the lines of RT4, when I was in school, some friends of mine told me I pronounced the word "not" in a very strange way. I don't think I have ever used that pronunciation since. I got too conscious and very embarrassed. It just wasn't natural anymore.

Random Opinion

I have some sucky modules this semester and unfortunately they are all on interesting topics :-\ Thats the weirdest thing ever!!!


Clueless said...

How ... random! ;)

RT1: I wonder what's more important? Having an all-rounded knowledge of the world, or knowing everything about the things you are going to spend your life doing?

RT2: I remember talking about this! ;) And I agree - arguments are probably essential to show you the things you didn't think were worthy of discussion before. And of course, like you said, you get to judge where exactly you stand in that relationship. :)

RT3: I'm glad you're looking so positively at this! I'm sad we won't get to spend more time freaking out like we do at the end of each semester, but I'm happy we're both getting to go home for our parents' birthdays. :) And don't worry - the week will fly by before you know it! There'll still be people around here, so it's your chance to mix up your friends' circle and catch up with people you haven't talked to in a while! :)

RT4: I've noticed that quite often in you. I don't know if making you aware of that fact is a good thing or not, though, especially if it makes you self-conscious! :/

RT5: Heh, I can imagine the feeling. Self-awareness is such a deceptive thing, no? :)

Zav said...

RT1 :
nice thoughts !

Having an an all-rounded knowledge of the world would be better, because you may not know whether you will continue to like your 'Specialized Area' for a life time. Things keep on changing and you may have to change your area of work.Algebra would be still be used in your Cell and Molecular Biology if not Trigonometry.

Random Thought # 2

Accept Expectations out of Relationships,
Never Relationships for Expectations

Random Thought # 3

Enjoy your holidays , semester holidays will be a History in future.

RT #4 RT #5
no comments !

"I used to meet a lot of my parents' friends"

could you pls re-phrase this sentence ?