Monday, January 26, 2009

Change for better

Have you ever felt a sudden and absolute change in something in your life? Or actually, your take on life itself? Somehow, since I have landed in Singapore, I feel like a totally different person. Totally and absolutely different. And I am not making a deliberate effort to be different. It just comes naturally to me.

I have started loving lab and am incredibly happy to be there doing my project. So much so that everytime my friends go on a lab-bashing session, I just pretend to join in so that I don't seem like a nerd (an aside, what the heck is the difference between a nerd, geek or a dork? :-/)

I didn't get the modules I wanted to take this semester so I had to settle for whatever was available just so that I could complete my graduation requirements and be done. But unlike previous semesters (I always got what I wanted), I am more enthusiastic and wide awake in my lectures. And even after the lectures, I am actively seeking out reading material and all to keep up with lessons. Seriously, what's wrong with me??

Its not just the nerd in me that has changed. I have become tired of being socially awkward and well, have a pretty much non-existent social life. I have started going out with friends more often and I take the initiative more frequently now to keep in touch with them even though we are all tied up in our own labs. Me and the gang have met up 3 out of the 4 days of chinese new year and still managed to do whatever was necessary in lab and for our modules.

Of course, ever silver lining has a dark cloud. In all this new found ways to be happy, I find that I can never put in 100% of my mind in it because every second of every day, I am wondering about my admissions. I bet clueless has become tired of it by now, I can relate almost anything and everything to admissions. I was very optimistic about admissions just a week or two ago. But now I don't feel the same.

Anyways, life is about counting my blessings right? 3 good things in my life to counter the one thing that bothers me. Everything's gonna be ok

P.S. I know my posts sound kinda like repeat telecasts of each other, but i am guessing that's how things are gonna be till this whole admissions thing is over. That's what's on my mind and my mind is what this blog's about! :)

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Zav said...

ofcourse , you are a nerd.